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Fic - I Will Have You

Title: I Will Have You

Author: Kat/Ryan

Pairings: Don/Charlie

Warnings: M/M, Sex, Incest (duh!), food play, restraints, First Time

Rating: NC-17 (just to be safe) FRAO

Fandoms: Numb3rs

Genre: Slash fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Numb3rs... But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*

Thanks to my beta [info]gregsanders1...

A/N: This is Prompt #5 from
[info]leiadiana choices... *grins* gotta love these things!

Summary: Charlie is tired of waiting for Don to get a clue, so time to seduce his big brother and fuck all night long...However, is that what will really happen?


I Will Have You


                After all he had done to show that he was interested, Charlie decided to act out his desires. Knowing that his father would be out for the weekend, and Don was free of cases, Charlie began to set up a few things that would get the night into motion. Leather cuffs, lube, towels, warm water, and some finger foods were placed by the bed, all for when Don got in.


            For months Charlie had been flirting with his brother in his own way, and was getting frustrated at the lack of response. He knew that Don wanted him. He heard him often enough in the shower that he knew that his advances were welcome. After several calculations, Charlie finally realized that Don would never make the first move. Don was hesitant in this matter wasn’t because he didn’t want to claim Charlie, but because he physically couldn’t take those final steps to do so. So, Charlie decided to take matters into his own hands, and get Don to claim him by seducing his older brother.


            It had taken a few weeks to put his plan into action, and Charlie was pleased when Don had come right over from work and began to eat the food that Alan had prepared before he had left to go to his convention. As the brothers ate and made small talk over the meal, Charlie saw that Don was relaxing and letting his guard down.  He asked Don to come and check on something in the bed room with him, and lead his older brother up the stairs. Walking so that he was in front, Charlie was able to hide a smirk, but missed Don’s smirk of his own.


            Don knew that Charlie was interested, and was glad that Charlie had started to take the initiative in this seduction; however, he would be the one to take Charlie to unknown heights. He had a feeling that his baby brother had leather restraints, and he would take advantage of them. He made his way over to the side of the bed with the cloth covering a few items, and slipped out the cuffs while Charlie wasn’t looking.


            When Charlie went to get the cuffs, Don pinned him to the bed and used the leather cuffs on the Mathematician. Charlie was frozen in place and was panting hard when the cuffs were wrapped around his wrists. He looked up at Don and saw no anger, only lust and whimpered. He was glad that Don wasn’t angry, but was surprised that he wanted to do this.


            Charlie’s shock made Don smile as he leaned down to kiss his brother. The gentle mapping of his brother’s mouth began to get much more heated, and Don began to remove their clothes. As Charlie writhed and moaned on the bedspread, Don was busy making sure that his little brother would never forget this night.


            Charlie was going mad with the teasing that Don was inflicting on him. The nips in the right places, the kisses in the tiny crevices, the licks that caused new sounds to be heard, the pinches that made being still impossible. It was like Don wanted Charlie to go insane.


            Once both brothers were naked, except for Charlie’s opened shirt still on his frame, Don began to attack the nipples and cock as he stretched out his baby brother.


            “Charlie, have you ever been with a man before?” At Charlie’s negative motion, Don began to add more lube to his hand.


            Prepping a guy was difficult; more so than a virgin as the muscles were not used to the intrusion. Don had patience, and he could only pray that it wouldn’t run out before he had been in Charlie for a long time. Sucking on the purple cock before him, Don was able to hide his smirk at Charlie’s pleas.


            Once Charlie was prepared fully, Don slowly slid into his baby brother. While he knew it would have to be carefully hidden, Don swore that he would make sure that Charlie was always happy. Stilling at the hilt, Charlie mewled at the fullness inside.


            “Don, please, MOVE!” The plea from his brother’s mouth sent him into motion.


            Pumping his hips at a slow but steady pace, Don searched for the tiny bundle of nerves that would send Charlie into a spiral of absolute bliss. After several thrusts, a scream of pleasure was ripped from Charlie’s throat and Don smirked. He made sure to keep hitting that one spot, and was soon pounding into his brother’s tight, hot ass.


            Grasping the purple and leaking cock, Don only needed one stroke before Charlie was cumming hard. Thick ropes of cum soared into the air hitting Charlie in the face and abs, the sight made Don pound harder into the pliant body as he strove for completion. Charlie scooped up some of his cum and licked it off his fingers; sealing Don’s fate. Pumping his hips harshly once more, Don stilled and came hard into his baby brother.


            Collapsing onto his elbows, Don gave Charlie a soft kiss as he pulled out of the hot body. Both moaned at the loss, and Don rolled over to clean them both up. As both brothers curled under the blankets, Charlie smiled. He knew that he could get Don to fuck him; he only hoped that he’d do it again when they woke up.


The end


*grins* Hope you liked it!



Tags: fic, incest, nc-17, numb3rs

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