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Fic - You Deserve Better

Title: You Deserve Better

Author: Kat/Ryan

Pairings: Don Flack Jr./Ryan, Danny Messer

Warnings: M/M, Sex 

Rating: PG 15 - FRM

Fandoms: CSI: Miami; CSI: NY

Genre: Slash fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami or CSI: NY... But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*


Thanks to my Beta gregsanders1...


A/N: Prompt from tanzensiemit - CSI: NY/CSI: Miami - Don Flack Jr./ Ryan Wolfe - You Deserve Better (slash)


Summary: Ryan has had enough. He goes to New York to crash with his childhood friend Danny Messer and someone takes a shine to the green eyed CSI.


You Deserve Better


            Ryan felt like shit; which was saying something. He hadn’t been at Miami-Dade as a CSI for more than a year after Tim Speedle’s death and he was leaving because of the attitude. His best friend Danny told him to work under Mac Taylor up in New York, and left without a two week notice, after giving Horatio a piece of his mind.


            Horatio had the grace to look ashamed and gave him a good recommendation along with his request to stay in touch. Ryan agreed and left the building before Eric or Calleigh could catch up to him and try to ruin his mood even more. Ryan was about to drive off when Eric spotted him. Shrugging, Ryan entered his vehicle and almost drove off before Eric was at his window. Flipping his ex co-worker off, Ryan drove away and left for the airport.


            He had uprooted all of his connections in Miami and blinked back tears at the thought of leaving so many good friends behind. Taking a deep breath, Ryan boarded the plane to where his new life would be starting.




            Danny was startled at the haggard expression on Ryan’s face when he picked him up at the airport. His heart went out to his friend and he made sure that Ryan knew that he could always crash at his place whenever it was needed. Getting a ghost of a smile, Danny drove Ryan to his place and told him to sleep before they did any moving into his place a few doors down. Ryan was grateful that Danny was helping him with so much, and he vowed to help his friend as well, whenever he would need it.


            After sleeping throughout the night, Ryan was surprised that Danny was in bed with him. Doing a mental look of Danny’s apartment, Ryan knew that there was only the bedroom and a lumpy couch, so he had no worried about sharing a bed; besides, he and Danny shared one when they were kids.


            Climbing out of bed, Ryan decided to clean up and get dress for a day of moving. After a shower and starting the coffee pot, Ryan was startled by the knock on the door. As Ryan went to answer the knock, Danny stumbled out of the bedroom aiming for the coffee pot.


            On the other side of the door was a man with the most gorgeous blue eyes ever, and Ryan had to fight back a blush. Stepping aside, Ryan let the man in as Danny greeted him.


            “Hey Don, thanks for coming over to help me move my buddy Ryan into the apartment next door.” Ryan moans internally at the name and knew that he would be having many sheets to wash once he got into his own place.


            Danny saw the looks that Don and Ryan were giving each other and planned. He knew it would be perfect for Ryan to be with Don and that it would help Ryan with his love life as well. To all outwards appearances, he did what he could to keep their suspicion off of him as he always made sure that they were in continuous contact as they moved Ryan from the moving van out front to the apartment on the third floor by Danny.




            As the weeks passed, Ryan and Don got to know each other better and the homicide detective was very protective of the new CSI. While Danny teased both about it every now and then, he knew that they had to take the last step and cement their attraction.


            Don was smitten by the younger CSI and began to make small advances on the man. When Ryan didn’t reciprocate until a few days later, he and Don began a game of flirting and teasing. After a few weeks of verbal sparring, Ryan asked Don out for a few drinks at his place. Agreeing to the invite, Don and Ryan went about their day until the shift ended.


            The pair never did have their drinks, once Ryan had opened his apartment for Don; he was pounced upon and kissed within an inch of his life. After a quick scramble to lock the door and stumble to the bedroom, Ryan was pinned down by Don’s large frame and dominated.


            The sounds of flesh on flesh, as well as the gasps and moans that floated through the rooms would have made Danny proud, if he wasn’t getting the same treatment over at Sheldon’s.


The End


*grins* hope you liked it.... especially the twist at the end...



Tags: crossover, don/ryan, fic, frm, prompt

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