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Dinner for two? -

TITLE: Dinner for Two?
AUTHOR:  Katrinatoc – Ryan/Kat
PAIRING: Ryan Wolfe/Don Flack
GENRE: Slash
TABLE: 20 Established Relationships
PROMPT: 01 - Celebration
SUMMARY:  Ryan knows how to get Don to let go
WARNINGS:  Nothing really…. Except that there are mentions of politicians in this fic… *grins*
NOTES:  *sighs* the first of many….
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami or CSI: NY... But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*


Dinner for Two?


                Ryan hated these formal get together functions. It was a way for every politician to try and show that they “cared” about the jobs that the detectives and CSI’s did on a daily basis. However, he hated it even more that he couldn’t spend the time he wanted on his lover who needed him right now.


                While Don was the strongest of them, when he needed to be pampered, it was full out. So, Ryan had to wait to take his lover out for their dinner for two. Luckily, they still got to sit together, and had Lindsay cover for them to the other tables, as Mac, Stella, Danny and Sheldon kept an eye out while Ryan tried to take care of Don in such a public place.


                Ryan finally got tired after two hours of boredom; Ryan managed to sneak the two of them away, claiming that both he and Don weren’t feeling well. Mac promised to cover for the pair, and Ryan said that he would do a double shift in compensation. He had a lover to take home and celebrate life with.


                The ride home was silent, and Ryan made sure that he was always touching Don in some way. They needed to cement a part of their relationship, and it couldn’t be through sex. So, upon arriving at the apartment, Don was ushered into the bathroom, where Ryan washed away the stress from don’s body, and wrapped him up in a terrycloth robe.


                Once both were bundled up on the sofa, Ryan began to hum and sing to his lover, reminding him that they were celebrating his life, and the lives of those that they helped on a day to day basis. The lithe frame of his lover began to shake, and Ryan just curled around Don. Cooing and whispering sweet nothings into his ear, Ryan had his own celebration; a celebration of joy that he and Don overcame another lifetime of hurts.

Tags: challenge, crossover, csi: miami, csi: ny, don/ryan, prompt

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