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Fic- A Trip Down Memory Lane

TITLE: A Trip Down Memory Lane

katrinatoc – Ryan/Kat
PAIRING: Ryan Wolfe/Don Flack
GENRE: Slash
TABLE: 20 Established Relationships
PROMPT: 04 – Past times
SUMMARY: Don thinks about how they got together
WARNINGS: Sex, slight Mac-bashing
NOTES: I don’t hate Mac… Just how cruel he can be to Danny on a daily basis, and not care. Also, thanks to Chris/Dino for being my beta!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami or CSI: NY... But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*



A Trip Down Memory Lane


Ryan slept on as Don ran his fingers through the older man's hair. The purr of content from the exhausted criminalist reminded Don of when they had cemented their relationship. Ryan had just finished a triple homicide and had been exhausted. Don, being a considerate boyfriend, had made certain that he and Ryan had the weekend off. He hadn't wanted them to be disturbed, so while Ryan slept he made preparations for their stay in.




As Ryan slept, Don got his mother to send over some food so that they wouldn’t have to go out and eat. With the cooler full of their favourites, Don began to bake the cookies that he had been preparing earlier and waited for Ryan to wake up.


Once the baking was done, Don was about to check on Ryan when he heard the shower turn on. Don hummed as he set the table and got one of Ryan’s favourites out. The lemon chicken with a side of rice and veggies would help Ryan wake up.


Seeing his boyfriend stumble out of the bedroom still a bit damp, but dressed, made Don smile. He showed Ryan the feast and watched as the older man's eyes went wide. Getting a kiss, both sat down to enjoy the meal, and Don had to rearrange his pants several times as Ryan savoured the food.


Once the meal was finished, they moved to the couch to watch a movie that they both had wanted to see for a while. They laughed at the antics on the screen all the while scooting closer to one another on the couch. They exchanged kisses and by the end of the movie Don had Ryan nestled in his lap.


Both were so into each other that the sound of the phone startled them. Glaring at the phone Don grabbed it on the fifth ring only to have Danny ask him if he and Ryan would be interested in going out. Don had been tempted to say no, but the undercurrent of loneliness in his friend's voice had him agreeing to go out with Danny.


“Something wrong with Danny; I’ve never hear him so desolate," Don explained when Ryan had inquired. Ryan nodded and got the keys to drive down to Danny’s place.


Upon arrival, Ryan saw what Don had meant, and soon both had heard what Danny had seen. While he and Mac weren’t in a relationship, per say, he had hoped that he would have been told that Mac had found someone instead of finding out the way he had. Danny had gone over to spend time with Mac only to discover that the older man had been busy 'entertaining'.


Ryan smirked and called Sheldon, he knew that the medical examiner cared deeply about Danny, so they spent the day helping him, and waiting for Sheldon to arrive to cure Danny of Mac. Ryan shook his head mentally at the stupidity of the Marine, but it wasn’t his loss.


After getting Danny and Sheldon settled, Don took Ryan home with the promise to call tomorrow night. They were dying to have some alone time. The drive had been fun, as Don teased Ryan with words and touches.


The normally reserved man soon had Don slammed against a wall in their apartment and was devouring the mouth that had teased him mercilessly. Both stripped from their clothes, leaving them on the floor to be picked up tomorrow. Ryan’s OCD was non-existent as Don captured his senses. The play of fingers, mouths and tongues on skin caused both men to arch, moan, and writhe to the sensations dancing across their skin. Don’s desire spiked when Ryan prepared himself and had to hold back as his lover lowered himself onto his hard cock.


They had managed to cool their fever, but a slow session of lovemaking was not in the works for the moment. While Ryan and Don danced to the singing of their blood, the love and dedication could be shown through their movements. As Ryan fell over the edge, Don was not far to follow with a deep moan of his lover’s name.


As they share a kiss, both were glad that they had the rest of the weekend off as well.


End Flashback


It was ironic, Danny and Sheldon had gotten them together, and they had returned the favor. But Don counted his blessings, Ryan was a beautiful person, and he was glad that he had come to New York for his second chance at being a criminalist.


The End


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