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Fic - Snatching Wolves Pt 1

Title: Snatching Wolves Pt 1

Author: Kat/Ryan

Pairings: Ryan Wolfe/ Dino

Warnings: M/M, Pre-slash 

Rating: PG - FRM

Fandoms: CSI: Miami; Proof of Life

Genre: Slash fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami or Proof of Life… But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*


Thanks to my Beta Chris/Dino...


Summary: Dino comes to Miami to visit his cousin Horatio and meets Ryan. Yumm…


AN: Dino last name is courtesy of Chris/Dino… *hugs* thanks!


            Dino looked around Miami International and sighed when he didn’t spot his cousin at the airport. Horatio had told him he would be there at his arrival to give him a place to stay while he wound down and relaxed from his last assignment in Brazil. Shaking his head he went to pick up his bags. As he walked by the newsstands, he noticed a discarded copy of the Miami Herald and let out a low whistle.


            “Shit, Horatio wasn’t joking when he said that he was probably gonna be busy.” He let out a sigh as he picked up his battered and faded green duffle. Covering his baby blue eyes with his aviator sunglasses, Dino was surprised when he saw a young man holding a sign with “D. Martini” on it.  As he walked up to the younger man, Dino gave a quick smile.


            “It seems that you’re looking for me?” He smirked at the startled look on the man’s face and was impressed by the younger man’s ability to think fast on his feet.


            “Mr. Martini, I’m Ryan Wolfe. Horatio is working on a triple homicide right now and asked me to get you since he couldn’t get away.” Ryan swallowed and let his eyes drink in the sight of the man.


            Dino was dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans that left very little to the imagination. His white t-shirt was practically see-through, and his black leather jacket made Ryan feel as if he could curl up and be protected in those arms.


            “Well, Mr. Wolfe, lead the way.” He noticed the flinch from the use of Ryan’s last name, and was curious. He pondered it and decided to satisfy his curiosity since he was in the mood for intelligent conversation.


            “I’ll tell you what,” Dino spoke in low tones once they were in the car, “Call me Dino and I’ll call you Ryan, deal?”


            The pure relief on Ryan’s face had Dino wondering as to what had caused the young man to hate his last name so much. Ryan was just glad that he wouldn’t have to hear the Mr. Wolfe this or Mr. Wolfe that for the whole trip back to the city, so he willingly started up a small conversation with Dino.


            “So, Dino, out of curiosity, other than to see Horatio, why did you come to Miami?” Ryan’s voice permeated the fog around Dino mind and he smirked.


            “Well, I work in K&R, that’s short for kidnapping and ransom. So, after the job I and my partner just finished I decided to come visit my cousin and see how he’s doing. I wasn’t able to come when he lost Tim Speedle, so I thought I would see how he was doing. He did tell me that the MDPD lab is the third best lab in the country.” Dino saw Ryan nod his head and then bit his lip, before he could ask a question, Ryan spoke again.


            “What’s your job like? I mean, I know that it’s an important job, but I was curious to see what it was like on the inside.” Ryan’s voice was low and smooth yet genuinely curious, making Dino wonder what else that smooth voice could do.


            “Well, each job is different. Sometimes we can easily get the money and person switched and other times we have to take drastic measures. Like our last job. The guy was being held near a pipe line by rebels, so we just gave the government the heads up, with some nifty dance moves, about their location, and we came in from the back to pull out him and a few other captives.” He smirked and looked over at Ryan, “I got to fly in my big beautiful bitch.”


            “Big beautiful bitch? I’m guessing it’s something that can’t be taken down easily, yes?” Ryan spoke sarcastically.


            Dino grinned at Ryan’s reaction. “It’s stealth helicopter a buddy of mine borrowed. It’s guaranteed to get a team in and out with the least amount of casualties,” the redhead explained. “Luckily only two of my guys got hurt, but they aren’t the type who let a few bullets stop them.”


            Ryan shook his head. He had been shot at a few times and hadn’t found it an exciting experience. “If you are anything like Horatio, I bet a week’s pay there were explosions involved,” he quipped.


            “Well…yeah.” Dino grinned. He had trained as a demolitions expert when he was in the SEALs around the same time Horatio was working on the Bomb Squad. “We brought a few bangs to the party.”


            Ryan laughed.


            “So, what about you?” Dino inquired. “What’s it like being a CSI?”


            “It’s okay,” Ryan quietly replied. He really didn’t want to talk about work. He had been happy to pick up Dino at the airport because it meant time away from the lab and the open hostility that had developed since the cases involving the IRS. “It’s not overly glamorous.”


            “Right,” Dino murmured. He sensed that there was more going on than what Ryan was comfortable talking about with a near stranger.


            Ryan pulled the Hummer into the lab parking lot.  “End of the road,” he said. “Would you like the nickel tour?”


            “Sure,” Dino agreed.


            Ryan led the redhead inside amused by the doubletakes as they headed upstairs. Not only was Dino Horatio’s cousin, but he could pass for Horatio’s identical twin.


            “Hey, Mandy,” Ryan said to the receptionist. “Do I have any messages?”


Mandy handed him a few slips as she studied Dino. “Lieutenant Caine?”

“Not hardly,” Dino drawled. “I’m his cousin, Dino Martini.”


Ryan chuckled. “He’ll need a visitor’s pass since I promised him the nickel tour.”


“Sure thing,” Mandy said. She handed him a clipboard to sign and a visitor’s badge.


            As they walked down the halls of the lab, Dino became annoyed at how the people were reacting to Ryan. They all seemed to hold this hostile attitude toward the younger man.


They discovered that Horatio had returned to the lab and was in DNA . He looked up when Ryan opened the door and led Dino inside.


            “Mr. Wolfe, thank you for bring my cousin to the labs. I believe that you still have a few reports to write up?” Ryan knew a dismissal when he heard one and left H with his cousin.


            Patting the younger man on the back as he left, Dino got a small smile as Ryan went back to work. Dino looked over at Horatio and gave him a curious glare, getting a soft chuckle in return; Dino shook Horatio’s hand as they spoke about the case that kept Dino from seeing H at the airport.


            As Horatio went about his day, Dino began to watch how the members of the lab acted. While he was someone that stood out in the crowd, due to his shocking red hair, he was good at slipping into the shadows.


            While Dino did like to cause some mischief, he was disgusted at how his cousin let his people abuse Ryan. He watched as the young man was shunned for trying to learn, and because he had a few questions about going over older evidence. The snapping that Speed was the one that had done the checking over the first time brought a sickened understanding to Dino’s eyes. That understanding turned to rage as he watched Ryan’s presence be attacked once again and he was tempted to walk in and deal with it.


            Horatio did beat him to the location, but he didn’t seem to care that the youngest of his team was verbally ripped to shreds by the two older members of the team. He watched Ryan leave the room, and walk down the halls to the morgue. There Dino saw one of the few people who cared about Ryan and his well being.


            As Ryan and Alexx talked, Dino moved to talk to H, the man needs to know that he is causing serious issues in his own lab by not stopping the hostilities against the youngest member of his team. But before he left the morgue, Dino decided to talk to Ryan first. He had a feeling that the younger man wouldn’t like it if he went to fight his battles for him. Sauntering into the morgue, Dino gave both Ryan and Alexx a quick smile.


            “Hey Ryan, who is the lovely lady?” Dino sent his most charming grin, and got a raised eyebrow along with a soft chuckle in response.


            “Alexx, this is Dino Martini, H’s cousin. Dino, this is Dr. Alexx Woods, the day shift M.E. and the lab’s resident mother hen.” Ryan gave a shy smile to Alexx as he spoke and got a hug in return.


            Dino was pleased that someone was taking Ryan under their wing. Smiling he stepped forward and gently shook Alexx’s hand. He had heard about her from Horatio. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” he said. “Horatio has spoken fondly about you.”


“Hmmm…” Alexx murmured. She knew a fast talker when she met one.


Dino got the message and backed off trying to charm Alexx. He turned his attention to Ryan. “I was going to head out and check out the sights, but before I did I wondered if you want to go out for a drink?”


Ryan was surprised. The only person who had ever invited him out was Tim Speedle, and if he was honest with himself, he missed those evenings. “What about Horatio?”


“You know him,” Dino replied. “The only thing that gets him out on the town is a crime.”


Both Alexx and Ryan chuckled at that remark because they knew it was true.


Alexx picked up on the invisible sparks that flew between her baby and Dino, so she decided to get into the game. She began telling Ryan that it would be good for him to relax and show Dino around town. Ryan agreed, only if Dino did some exploring of his own during the day, as he was going to be busy and he had a feeling that Dino hated being bored.


            After Dino left the morgue with a smile and a promise to explore the city, he smirked at the double taking that many of the lab techs were doing. After Dino wandered around the lab for a good five minutes, he noticed that the two people who had been harassing Ryan earlier were looking at him oddly. “H, what are you doing dressed like that?”


            Dino smirked and kept looking at the pair, keeping his mutterings quiet. “H, seriously, Stetler has been around much more lately, please be more careful.”


            With that, both left a chuckling Dino behind. He dropped off his visitor badge at the front desk and called a cab. He couldn’t wait to tell Ryan about the confusion on the faces of the other two and the rest of the lab as he walked around before he left. With that he placed his duffle in the back of the cab and rested as he was driven to the local rental agency. He needed a ride, and hopefully they had a bike of his liking.


            Spotting the classic Harley in the lot, Dino paid the cab driver and was riding the bike an hour later. The feeling of the bike between his legs gave Dino a rush as he flew down the highway to Horatio’s home. The ocean view made Dino smile as he knew that Horatio loved the sea. After putting his bag in the guest room, Dino decided to check out the daytime hot spots before he met Ryan for the night.


            Ryan tried to keep the happiness that he was going to do something after work throughout the day, but Eric and Calleigh’s attitudes were wearing on his nerves. He couldn’t do anything but take it, as he had a feeling that no one would care if he was kicked out for disciplinary reasons, even if he wasn’t to blame for the altercations that would be placed upon him.


            As Ryan left for the night, he missed seeing the look of shock on a few of the lab tech’s faces as he left with a defeated posture. Seeing Dino outside, brightened his sprits. He spotted the bike and shook his head. Walking over to the older man Ryan smiled.


            “I have to head home first to change then we can head on out to the bars and clubs.” Dino gave Ryan an exaggerated wink and followed the young man home.


            After a good ten minutes of waiting for Ryan to drop off his badge and gun, then change his clothes, they were back on the road to one of Ryan’s favourite hot spots. As Ryan began to relax, he and Dino continued with their conversation from earlier that morning when Ryan got him at the airport.


            “So, Ryan, tell me about Miami and what made you choose it.” Dino’s eyes were sparkling and he laughed at the shock on Ryan’s face.


            “What do you mean choose it?” Ryan looked at Dino with suspicion.


            Dino rolled his eyes. “You have a northern accent, sounds like its near Boston or something.”


            “Well, I am from Boston.” Ryan sighed. “I had always wanted something to do with law enforcement. If not that, then I wanted to help people. I had finished my degree in Chemistry in Boston, and then did my Master’s here in Miami. My Uncle Ron helped set me up down here, and I became a police officer not long after I achieved my Masters.” He took a sip of his beer.


            “I also choose Miami because I had heard that a Timothy Speedle worked here, and that he was interested in my genetics work.” Ryan shifted in his seat, knowing that no one else knew about his friendship with Speed.


            “We met up at a lecture and became fast friends. He was impressed with my attention to detail and began hounding me to join the CSI team that he was on. I agreed the day before he was shot in the line of duty.”  Dino patted Ryan’s arm in sympathy and let the younger man collect his thoughts.


            “I kept my promise to Tim and joined the team, but I was hoping that they would be a bit more accepting, you know? It’s not like I’m the one who shot him. It’s not like I’m the one who decided that he should forget to clean his weapon. It’s not like it’s my fault that he never told his friends about me.” With that Ryan shuddered and downed the rest of his beer.


            Dino shook his head and smiled sadly. “Not everything goes the way we want. Maybe he was going to surprise them and say that he was grooming you to work with him, and then didn’t get the chance.”


            Ryan smiled and nodded, “Maybe, but it still hurts that they didn’t look past their own hurts. Alexx did and now we’re good friends, but I wish that the others would too.”


            Dino shook his head again and began to talk about the looks he got when he was wandering around the labs. “You know, I never thought about how much I look like Horatio until today. God that was fun, I’m surprised that no one got whiplash while I was there.”


             He looked over at Ryan and snickered, “The two others that work with Horatio were telling me to go and change back into my suit, as Stetler was around and they didn’t need any more aggravation.”


            Ryan was laughing into his new beer by the time Dino was finished. “I am so glad I let you drag me out tonight. I needed that laugh. Jesus, so Eric and Calliegh were worried that Stetler was going to get one up on you? Nice.”


            Ryan looked over at Dino and found him very attractive. He knew if given half a chance he would sleep with the redhead


The thought of being with someone who obviously enjoyed their job and was willing to chat about it made Ryan glad that he was in Miami. He would hate to think how bleak his life would be without having gotten to know Dino.


            Dino looked at Ryan and saw the assessing look in his eyes. Good, it would be easier to get what he wanted this way. Besides, if Horatio didn’t want the man, he sure as hell did. With that thought in mind, Dino led Ryan outside and claimed the younger man’s mouth in a fierce and possessive kiss.


            Pulling back Ryan smirked at Dino and whispered in his ear, “Follow me home, and I promise you the ride of your life.” With that another kiss was bestowed and Dino followed Ryan to the parking lot, he could use a good ride and the companionship would only be a wicked bonus.







Tags: csi:miami/proof of life, fic, frm, ryan/dino, slash

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