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FUBAR.. I must say that the military got this acronym just right. Fucked Up Beyon Any Recognition. Really now... That's good to say and you can't get ratted out when you tell your commanding officer that the mission was FUBAR.

Ah... I can see this now being used in everyday life....

"That exam was so FUBAR!"

"The date was FUBAR and he didn't even appologize or any thing! He told me to suck it up or leave, so I got him plastered and got FUBAR tattooed on his forehead and ass."

Ahhh .... the joys of using such things in new contexts makes me giddy!

I can only imagine how well it would be used in other places. We military type knows that when the Staff starts going off with FUBAR and actual swearing... well we really are in shit creek without a paddle....

I can only hope that this keeps going on and on.... we need to use such acronyms for everything!


Tags: military jargon, rant

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