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Fic: Chocolate and Chains {FRAO, CSI:M, Ryan/Horatio/Speed}

Here is my newest fic.....

It's a birthday prezzie to Draco..... *smirks* enjoy!


Title: Chocolate and Chains




Pairings: Horatio/Speed/Ryan

Warnings: Slash, Sex, Food play, Threesome, Kink

Rating: FRAO




Fandoms: CSI: Miami

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami… But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*

Word count: 1,353


Summary: Who says you can’t play with your food?


Draco’s Birthday Challenge:


Explanation: You have to include some sort of sweet in the story. Whether that will be desert, chocolate, jelly beans, cookies is totally up to you as long as one of the characters in the pairing is totally hooked on it. Maybe even addicted. So, yes, please write another story about Don Flack having a cookie addiction or Greg Sanders doing anything to have another bowl of Ben & Jerry's. :D

Type of story: You can make the story a hurt/comfort or an angsty one BUT it has to have a happy ending. I don't want a death fic. Please, it's for my birthday I don't want to cry from anguish. I prefer crying from laughter. :D



Chocolate and Chains


            Speed sighed in happiness as he entered the house after another long shift. The scene was worse than usual; a brutal murder of a four year old girl, one that had also been repeatedly raped. Speed shuddered at the memory and was glad that most of the tests were done. Ryan and Horatio had been at the everglades that morning. Shaking off his bad mood, he pulled out the items he would need to make a fast but good supper for the three of them. Spotting the chocolate sauce, Speed knew exactly what they would be having for dessert. Chuckling, he knew that his lovers would be surprised at the treat.


            Horatio and Ryan came in an hour later exhausted and miserable. Their case had been a nasty one, but they knew that Speed was waiting for them at home. The smell of chicken made them both smile. Tim loved to cook for them and it always brought a smile to their faces whenever he made a dish for them. Tim finished setting the table as Horatio and Ryan stripped out of their suit jackets and put their guns and badges in the lock box by the door.


            Dinner was a calm affair. Ryan was glad that his lovers chose to let the sound of the ocean keep them company. As he cleaned up, Ryan missed Speed showing Horatio the bottle of chocolate sauce and the wicked smiles aimed at his back. If he had seen the wicked leers, Ryan might not have missed Tim scurrying out to get the bedroom ready.


            Ryan was surprised to see Horatio lounging on the counter when he was done putting the dishes in the dishwasher and was about to ask why when he was pulled into a deep, soul-searching kiss. Moaning and melting into the possessiveness of his eldest lover, Ryan simply followed Horatio’s lead, even though his clothes were being shed all over the floor.


            Each touch was distracting him as Horatio lead him down the hall to their bedroom. It was making him miss the sight of the restraints on the headboard as Horatio pinned him to the bed. But not even Horatio’s tongue could stop him from feeling the soft wool wrap around his wrists.


            “H, wha?” Ryan broke the kiss and was silenced by Speed’s insistent tongue.


            Ryan missed the fact that the rest of his clothes were now gone, and he only snapped out of it when he felt Speed pull back, and he couldn’t move.


            "Speed, H?” Ryan’s voice was quiet and he looked at both with worried eyes.


            “Shh love, let us enjoy your beautiful body. Besides, you always try to hide from us when we play.” Speed’s eyes were filled with a wicked delight, making Ryan even more worried.


            Before Ryan could complain, Horatio dove down to bite and nibble on the taught tendons in his lover’s neck, causing Ryan to miss Speed’s slow disrobing. Horatio waited until Speed was taking over his distraction before he stripped out of his suit and pulled over the bottle of chocolate sauce. The shriek that Ryan made, when the cool and sticky liquid hit his skin, made both his lovers smile.


            “Come now love, you said if we ever got you tied up, we could play with whatever we wanted.” Horatio’s eyes sparkled with love and mischief, making Ryan whimper.


            “COLD!” was the only word he could get out as Speed doused his nipples in the same cool dressing.


            “Now we just have to warm you up.” The mischievous reply came from Speed as he dove down and sucked on the coated nubs.


            Ryan was about to reply when Horatio also lapped up the dark liquid making a home in his navel and bellybutton. Sucking the sticky sauce off his youngest lover, Horatio decided to see how his lover would taste if he mixed his cum with the chocolate.


            The shriek of pleasure and surprise made Horatio smile as he watched the dark brown liquid run down his Ryan’s cock. Wanting to get the entire treat, he dove down and caused the shriek to turn into a moan from the stimulation.


            Speed smiled at Ryan as he fell into the sensations that he and Horatio were invoking upon him. After cleaning Ryan's chest of all the remains of the sauce, Speed could only moan at the sight of Horatio slurping down Ryan’s cock. The small traces of chocolate were disappearing quickly, and Speed pulled out the lube to prepare their bound treat.


            Lapping at a bit of the escaped chocolate, Speed warmed the lube in his hands before preparing Ryan. Horatio smirked and let Tim enjoy the small remains of the chocolate treat while he distracted Ryan even more.


            As Speed stretched Ryan with quick and easy strokes and drank down Ryan’s cock, Horatio began to pinch and suck on the brown nipples creating delicious moans from the bound man.


            “Timmy, ‘Oratio, please….. Please….. Need… Touch…” Horatio chuckled at Ryan’s inability to speak, and smiled as Speed moved to breach their lover’s ass.


            “Shh love, let us do all the work. Besides, you know we love chocolate, and you know how much we love you, so it was only a matter of time before we put you both together.” Kissing Ryan once more, he let him taste the bitterness of his cum and the sweetness of the chocolate in Horatio’s mouth.


            Moaning at the clash of the two flavors, Ryan tried to free his hands, he wanted to play with Horatio’s hair, but soon cried out as Speed slammed into his prostate. Hearing his dark haired lover chuckle, Ryan squeezed around him, breaking the sound into a deep moan.


            “That’s it baby; keep it up, so H can have a go.” The strained voice made Ryan realize how close Speed was to cumming, and he squeezed again.


            Horatio knew that Speed was close and broke his kiss with Ryan to move behind the dark haired man. Lubing a finger, he slid it up Speed’s ass and pressed hard on his prostate.


            Speed slammed hard into Ryan and came with a loud moan. Letting Horatio set him down beside Ryan, he smiled dreamily as Ryan let out a strangled scream as Horatio slammed home.


            The sounds of flesh hitting flesh filled the room, and Speed reached up to undo Ryan’s hands. Feeling the restrains fall off, Ryan lunged forward and pulled Horatio into a hard kiss, letting his fingers pull and card through the soft, red hair. Shifting so that Ryan was still bound by his legs, Horatio got Ryan seated in his lap and began to slam upwards.


            Speed smirked at the sight and crawled over to where Horatio was deeply seated in Ryan and began to lap at the skin there. The two shouts of pleasure caused a wicked chuckle to escape, and Speed kept lapping at the space, enjoying and savoring the two unique flavors of Horatio and Ryan, with the hint of chocolate from their earlier activities.


            With the addition of Speed’s tongue, Ryan couldn’t hold back his orgasm, and let out a wailing moan as he covered his and Horatio’s chest in cum. Horatio never stood a chance against Ryan’s orgasm and filled his lover up, biting Ryan’s shoulder as he rode out his orgasm. Speed smirked and shifted out of the way and undid the rest of Ryan’s restraints as he got up to get a wash cloth. He returned with the damp cloth after cleaning himself off first. He clean off his lovers before tossing the cloth in the direction of the laundry hamper, and then he collected their toys leaving the chocolate sauce out.

            Horatio shared a smirk with Speed over the blissed out look on Ryan’s face and left to collect Ryan’s clothes from the hallway. As he left, he took the bottle of chocolate sauce. Smirking, Horatio knew that Speed’s many other food kinks would come out soon enough. He only hoped that he or Ryan would have more time to prepare a counter strike the next time.




Tags: b-day challenge, csi: miami, fic, frao, h/speed/ryan

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