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Fic: Fools and Pride

Title: Fools and Pride

Author: katrinatoc

Characters: Don Flack

Warnings: Mild language

Rating: PG - FRT

E-Mail: wolfeman.sylum@gmail.com

Permission to archive: YES!!!

Fandoms: CSI: NY

Genre: General fiction

Prompt: 01 - Fool

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI:NY ... But I really wish I did...


A/N: I wanted to see Don as a person who grew up with a “different” aunt. He learns from her


Summary: Don can see how the perps are all fools.


Fools and Pride


Tarot Card – 00 – The Fool
Upright – A new beginning, the start of a new and exciting journey; amusement and spontaneity, soon to be enjoying the company of others.
Reversed – A warning against rash decisions; think before acting and falling into a trap, for not everything is as it appears.




            His Grandmother said it best, there are two kinds of fools, those who laugh and learn from their mistakes, letting the trickery roll off them like water and there are those who take the tricks as an affront to their pride. The people he saw everyday waiting to be processed for the crimes that they committed were the fools his Grandmother warned him about.


            The one he was dealing with now was trying to get out of the interrogation room, saying that he didn’t do it, and we haven’t even started talking yet.


            But I can see why he’s trying to leave, Mac’s got the look on his face that he knows that the man is a fool, but he sees it as a fool that thought that he could get one over the CSU here at the twenty-seventh.


            I do pity them, these fools; they had no warnings against their rage or saw that they would do something like this.


            I can see why grandmother was always so sad when she compared someone to a reversed Fool tarot card. But, seeing it every day now, I can’t be too sad. Some of these fools forget that the police and Mac’s team will always get them if they kill in New York.



Tags: challenge, csi: ny, don flack, fic, prompt

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