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Fic: It's all about magic

Title: It’s All About Magic

Author: katrinatoc

Characters: Don Flack

Warnings: Mild language

Rating: PG - FRT

E-Mail: wolfeman.sylum@gmail.com

Permission to archive: YES!!!

Fandoms: CSI: NY

Genre: General fiction

Prompt: 02 – The Magician

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI:NY ... But I really wish I did...


A/N: I wanted to see Don as a person who grew up with a “different” aunt and grandmother. He learns from them.


Summary: Don can see the truth behind the magic.


It’s All About Magic


Tarot Card – 01 – The Magician

Upright – Revealing of hidden knowledge, and gives hope that your dreams may not be so out of reach; the Magician brings bursts of creativity and helps to inspire confidence in oneself, allowing freedom from the self imposed failures.

Reversed – Be cautious. There are those who will use your mind against you and have you fail to their tricks. Trust yourself if you believe a person to be untrustworthy, magic can entice and destroy as well as help. This is a warning against betrayal.



                No one likes to see magic as destructive. The power to do anything you want is a rush. However people forget that magic is a tool of the magician. Also, that power comes with a great responsibility. My Ma always warned me about the fickleness of magic. While she wasn’t in love with Grandmother’s tarot readings, she did take the warnings that the cards represented to heart. She knew that the world was dangerous, and was overly cautious when she had to do anything.


                The people of New York can forget those warnings at times and then they fall to the magicians tricks. They lose more than their homes; they can lose loved ones or even their lives to the magician’s tricks.  I’ve always believed that serial killers were magicians, for they can get away with so much, and only after they start getting too confident that we see the wires behind the illusions ourselves.


                As I sit with Danny and Mac after a long day, I’m glad that I listened to my mother when she told me that not everything pretty is diamonds and gold. That even the prettiest gem can be rotten to the core.  The gem, like the magician, tricked people into thinking he was harmless and pretty. Sadly we could only stop him after he had killed ten people.


                The Magician is a double edged sword; he can help you out, or cut you down. I just hope that more magicians get cut down, I hate telling mothers and fathers that their children were killed.




Tags: challenge, don flack, fic, frt, prompt

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