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Fic: Masters: Old and New (FRAO - Danny/Don/Ryan - CSINY/CSIM)

Fic - Masters: Old and New
Pairing: Danny/Don/Ryan
Warnings: BDSM, D/s, sex, S&M
Rating - FRAO

Disclaimer - I do not own CSI:Miami or New York. None of the characters are mine, however, the actions I made them work through are.

Summary - Danny and Don come down to Miami to solve a case. Ryan meets with his old friend and is soon brought back into an old lifestyle.


                As Don and Danny made their way to their seats, Danny was sure that he should have told Ryan sooner that he had taken his advice and asked Don out. While they had only been lovers for five months, Danny had never been more content. The simple joy that Don would take care of him made him glad that Ryan chewed his ass out for trying to back out of it. If it hadn’t been for the crossover case, Danny would still be trying to find a way to tell Ryan that he took his advice and was very happy.


                Sitting with his head on Don’s shoulder, Danny let his mind drift away and he prayed that Ryan was the one to pick them up. While he did enjoy spending time with Speed and Eric, Danny wanted to see his old friend after three years apart. Danny was startled out of his musings when Don nudged him.


                “We’ve landed,” Danny knew that Don wanted to pet him and use the endearments that they used back in New York, but now wasn’t the time.


                Stretching and slowly getting off the plane, Danny was pleased to see Ryan waiting for them. The pleasure turned to worry upon seeing the dark circles under his friend’s eyes and the haggard look on his face. Getting their things, Danny and Don made a beeline to the young CSI and were greeted warmly.


                “Danny, it’s good to see you. You must be Detective Flack, glad you could come.” Ryan spoke warmly, but Don noticed that Ryan looked at Danny with a small flicker of longing. He could work with that, after all, Danny told him many things about Ryan Wolfe.


                As they got into the Hummer, Ryan drove them to the hotel that they were staying at. Don motioned that Danny stay in the car, and he dealt with the bags.


                “I took your advice, you know.” Danny’s whispered voice made Ryan pause.




                “Yeah. Don and I have been together for a few months now. I wanted to tell you, but things kept coming up, and I’d only remember after we hung up or I had hit send.” Ryan gave Danny a wan smile.


                “I’m happy for you Dan. I know how much this means to you.” Hugging his friend, Ryan forced his emotions back as Don slid into the back seat.


                “So, who are you working with, on the case?” Ryan asked after a few moments of tense silence.


                “Calleigh DuQuesne is our contact. But we have to meet up with Horatio Caine first.” Don spoke from the back.


                “Well, he’s here in front, I think he was waiting for me to get back so that he could walk you both to ballistics. I hope to see you both around, Danny, Detective.” With that Ryan parked and got out of the hummer, and entered the building.


                ‘Yes,’ Don thought, ‘this one is going to need a strong Dom’s touch.’


                Giving Danny a pointed look, he knew he was going to find out what made Ryan Wolfe tick. But first, they had a job to do, and Horatio was getting closer.




                Ryan sighed once more as he wandered around the lab. While he normally would enjoy the silence, today it was oppressing. His long time friend, Danny Messer was down helping with a crossover case and while this would make Ryan pleased; his friend had brought his lover down with him. Ryan had no problems that Danny was gay, he just thought that he warranted a call saying that he found someone; the same someone that Ryan had talked him into asking out.


                Ryan let out a puff of air and went back into the trace lab. He was close to solving the case he was working on, and hopefully he could catch Danny alone so that they could catch up before the older man left for New York. Scowling at the Mass Spectrometer one last time, he put the sample under the microscope and rolled his eyes at the substance on the slide.


                “Hey Ryan,” Danny’s voice startled him, making him yelp and jerk back from his work.




                “Shit! Sorry man, I thought you heard me come in.” Danny scratched the back of his neck sheepishly.


                “I’m fine, really.” Ryan swallowed and gave his friend a wan smile. “What brings you to my neck of the woods?”


                “I just wanted to know if you were done for the day.” Danny shrugged nonchalantly and gave Ryan a lopsided smile.


                “Almost,” Ryan sighed. “I just need to finish detailing this sample and getting the information over to the PD so that they can make the arrest.”


                Danny nodded as he watched Ryan work. He knew that his friend’s OCD made him check everything twice when it came to work, but he was still curious about in his home life.


                “Can I ask ya something?”




                “I know ya got OCD, but what’s it like, living with it?”


                Ryan stilled for a moment and Danny thought he hit a nerve when a soft chuckle came out.


                “You’re only the fourth person to ask me that. Horatio did, for work. Alexx because she wanted to make sure that I didn’t need any meds. Speed because he didn’t want to trigger something by accident when he comes in. The rest never bothered to ask me, they just assumed everything about me and my OCD.” He sighed, missing Danny’s startled and angry look.


                “OCD for me is two levels. I have my work routine, where I check everything twice, no matter what. My kit has to be fully stocked every day, and I check everything at night to make sure I have it all, and nothing needs to be charged. At home, I have the occasional fit where I have to clean the kitchen and bathroom.  I clean my guns every day, or every other day, depending on how bad the case was. If the case was really bad, I bleach my tub. Other than that, my place is just a bit cleaner than most, because dust drives my OCD up the wall.”


                Danny blinked and patted Ryan on the back.


                “I never knew it was like that. Most people say that it’s a counting compulsion.”


                “That’s the most common reaction. Count the closest thing to you. For me, I have to clean. Get the dirt away; even if it’s been cleaned the night before, it’s to get rid of the clouds in my mind. It’s a way to sort things and relax.”


                Danny hummed and watched Ryan work. He could understand the need to clear your head in certain ways, but he was still worried about Ryan. Don and Danny had asked Horatio about the dark circles under Ryan’s eyes and the sadness in the man’s gaze made them start. Apparently an old ex of Ryan’s was stalking him, and since she was a journalist, it made it much more difficult for them to make her back off.


                Eric had been willing to help, at first, but the friendship between the pair went sour from something that had happened outside of work. Ryan had asked to not be paired with Eric, unless necessary, due to the issues at hand. Horatio had no problems agreeing to the request, and so far, there were no explosions during the day.


                It was when Speed had stopped in at lunch and told Danny that Eric had basically set Ryan up on a date, and scared the said date off, that was the tension. It also didn’t help that Eric had tried to blame Ryan for the reason that the date never showed. Speed had shown them the video of retribution, where Speed reamed out Eric in public about what he had done to the newest CSI, making both men smirk.


                Just as Ryan was finishing up, Danny’s cell rang. Flipping it open, he saw that the caller was Don.


                “Hey,” Danny greeted his lover.


                “You guys almost done yet? I have the place decked out for when you bring the boy with you.” Don’s voice was husky, making Danny shiver at the implications.


                “He’s just cleaning up now. We should be leaving in about twenty.”


                “Good. I’ll see you boys in forty then.” With that Don hung up, leaving Danny dazed.


                Don had taken an instant liking to Ryan. He had drilled Danny for hours when it came to the Boston Native. They talked about Ryan’s likes and dislikes, and Danny could see that Don would be willing to take another sub if it was Ryan; his sweet innocent friend, the one that needed a keeper, just like he did.


                Danny looked back and saw that Ryan was done cleaning up and writing the report. Telling Ryan to meet him at the car, Danny walked down to the main reception area to wait for his friend to finish for the day.  He didn’t have to wait long, and soon the two of them were heading out.


                “Hey Ryan, I have a question for you.” Danny knew he had to ask now, or his friend would walk into something that could frighten or piss him off.




                “There’s more to mine and Don’s relationship than I told you before.” Danny looked at Ryan and bit his lip. “He’s my Master.”


                Ryan was shocked. He didn’t know that Danny was a sub, but then, it was hard for a sub to see another if the Master wasn’t around much.


                “Wow. How…” Ryan trailed off, not knowing how to ask Danny how long they had been together.


                “How long? Four months. After seeing him go into one of the D/s clubs in New York, I got in his face before he claimed me.” The wistfulness made Ryan’s heart ache. He wanted that too, but his OCD needed to be controlled.


                “Wow, he must be good to you.” Ryan silently added that if he wasn’t, Don would be dead.


                “He’s the best. He’s my third Master.” Danny’s voice was dreamy, making Ryan sigh.




                “Yeah. My first one was, bad. Then I got Mac. He fixed the issues I had. Now, I got Don.” Danny’s voice was guarded at the first before opening up with Mac and Don. Obviously, Danny believed the issue to be closed, so Ryan let him be.


                “I’m glad you’re happy.” And Ryan was. He loved Danny to the point where his happiness came first.


                “You don’t seem shocked.” Danny was curious now at how Ryan was reacting. His friend did play things close to the vest, but never for him.


                “I’ve had a Mistress and a Master. My Mistress was a mistake, but when I found my Master, it was good. We parted ways about two years back.”


                “Who was your Master?”


                Ryan pulled out his wallet at the stop light and handed Danny the picture. “That’s Master S.”


                “SID?!” Danny looked at the picture of Ryan looking content at Sid Hammerback’s feet.


                “You know him?” Ryan looked at the shocked look on Danny’s face and chuckled.


                “Well yeah. He’s our ME.”


                “Small world.”


                “Damn straight it is.”


                Ryan let the conversation lull, and as they got closer to the hotel, Danny began to fidget.


                “What’s on your mind Danny? You’re dancing in your seat like you got a vibe up your ass.”


                “Don wants to meet you.” Danny licked his lips, he knew he was leaving things out, but he had to get Don to explain this.


                “Alright.” Ryan looked and wondered about the relieved look on Danny’s face and pulled into the hotel parking.


                As the pair made their way up to Don and Danny’s suit, Ryan began to think over everything Danny had mentioned in the car. He was happy with Don; Don was also a good Master. Maybe Danny wanted to show him how good a Master Don was.


                Ryan barley even noticed that they had entered Danny’s room. But Ryan did notice Danny stripping out of his clothes. However, before he could speak, arms curled around him and warm breath brushed past his ear.


                “Glad you can join us Ryan. Danny gave me a very good idea as he talked about you. I know that there are things about you that you don’t wish to go into, but I’m sure that there are ways that Danny and I can soothe the ache.” Ryan wiggled in the embrace, and gasped as the arms tightened around him.


                “Tut, tut. Now, look at Danny, isn’t he beautiful? All that creamy skin just asking to be marked; I know he loves being spanked, having his skin turn from a creamy white to a bright red.” Ryan began to pant at the scene of Danny naked and on his knees as a hand trailed down his chest.


                “Yes, Danny does look beautiful. He looks even better strapped down to my bed, ass hanging just to be taken.” Ryan whimpered as Don began to stroke over his trapped erection while Don began to grind his own trapped erection into his jean clad ass.


                “Tell me what you want Ryan. Do you want me to care for you like I care for Danny?” Ryan whimpered again. “You have to tell me.”


                “Please… Please Sir…” Ryan was so close to falling into subspace that he simply moaned at the hands roaming over him.


                “Do you want it Ryan?” Don’s voice dropped into what Danny called his Dom voice, making Ryan shudder.”


                “YES!” Ryan finally got the word he needed out and whimpered as Don stepped back.


                “Strip and kneel by Danny.” Ryan let his hands move quickly as he fell back into the blessed subspace, giving him the time to finish undressing and placing his clothes with Danny’s before kneeling beside his fellow sub.

               Don walked around the pair of kneeling men and felt a surge of lust, love and awe. The fact that he had two of the hottest men, in his mind, at his feet gave him a thrill. While Don might not know Ryan as well as he does Danny, he knew that it would only be a matter of time before the man was completely his.


                He and Danny don’t understand the drive that Calleigh and Eric had to drive the younger man away, but he wasn’t going to complain if it brought Ryan home with them to New York. After having checked both over well enough Don smirked and finished gathering his Dom persona.


                “Daniel, kneel on the bed. Ryan stand, facing me.”  Both rose gracefully and Don watched as both did his bidding.


                “Ryan, I want your safe word.”


                “Bleach to stop, polish to slow down,” Was the immediate response.


                “Good. Kneel behind Daniel, facing the other way.” Don went to his duffle and pulled out his hemp ropes and two cock rings. He wanted both men begging by the end of this.


                Ryan quickly made his way to the bed and climbed onto the scratchy sheets. His subspace controlled his OCD, but if he was left to flounder, his OCD came back with a vengeance. Ryan gasped as he felt the cock ring slip on and knew that Don would now have total control over his final release.


                Don smiled at the gasps from both men, and began to tie their legs together.


                “On all fours.” He pulled out a double sided dildo and slicked it up before prepping Danny then Ryan. The whimpers both men made gave Don a thrill as he slid the toy in.


                “Danny, back up slowly towards Ryan.” He smirked at the whimpers. “Good.”


                Tying them in place once he got Danny to stop, Don pulled out the remote for the toy lodged in the two men. Ordering both men to remain still, he flicked the switch on and setting it on low, Don chuckled as both Danny and Ryan gasped, mewled and moaned at the feelings now coursing through them.


                Pulling out a paddle, Don waited for the first one to move. Seeing both men strain, he smirked as Danny was the first to move.


                Jerking at the sting of the paddle, Danny’s reaction made Ryan move as well, causing both men to slowly be paddled into a deeper level of subspace. After a good thirty strikes each, Don turned off the toy and moved the pair to remove it.


                “Such lovely boys; you both make the best noises for me.” Untying them both, Don maneuvered Ryan onto his back and Danny kneeling on all fours above him. Tying both down again, Don gave Danny permission to kiss Ryan, after he kissed both men deeply first.


                Bringing his lubed hand back to Ryan’s entrance, Don made sure that he was stretched enough before slicking Danny’s cock and having him slide into the younger man. Two startled and breathless moans reached his ears, and Don smiled wickedly as he began to strip quickly before lubing his cock to fuck Danny into Ryan.


               Harsh breathing and the sounds of skin slapping against skin filled the room. Whimpers and moans fell from the lips of Danny and Ryan, making Don pleased with how both men were reacting. Getting close to his release, Don let out a deep rumbling laugh, as he picked up a small controller, clicking the button, both cock rings came undone.


                “Both of you, cum.” Don’s husky voice caused the two men to cry out, and as Ryan spilled onto the bed, Danny whimpered as he filled up the younger man.


                Groaning, Don slammed into Danny’s pliant body a few more times before filling his boy as well. Pulling out slowly and plugging his blue-eyed beauty, Don helped Danny pull out of Ryan and plugged the brunet as well. The whimper from the younger man made Don smile. Stretching, Don padded to the bathroom and got a facecloth to clean himself and the other two up. Smirking at the blissed out looks on both of their faces, Don cleaned them up before putting them under the covers. He would stay awake, if only to sooth Ryan when he woke.




                Once Ryan had woken back up, Don was petting his hair while reading. Ryan lay there wondering what would happen now that Don obviously laid a claim on him.


                “I want you to move to New York with us.” Don’s voice broke through Ryan’s thoughts.




                “I know that you love your job, but I know that you aren’t happy here. Horatio is trying to help you, but all of his efforts are being refused. While Speed and Horatio will miss you, they want you to be happy.”




                “If you really want to stay, I’ll allow it, but I want you in New York, and Danny will too.”


                “What about work?” Ryan spoke after a moment of silence.


                “Mac needs another CSI, Aiden was recently fired because she’s burning out fast.”


                “I’ll live with you and Danny?”


                “Yes pet.”


                “I’ll have to talk to Horatio.”


                “You can call him in the morning, now rest. You’ll be woken in time to go to your apartment and get clean clothes and a shower.”


                Ryan yawned and nodded, falling asleep once more. Don smiled at the younger man, he was going to have a second pet, and he won’t want to leave him either.




                Horatio wasn’t surprised that Ryan asked to leave, and gave the young CSI his blessing to leave. Mac needed the extra hand and was glad that Horatio was willing to help him out this way. It hadn’t taken long for Eric and Calleigh to comment on Ryan not being at work, but after two weeks of him being gone, did they begin to wonder why.


                “Come on Speed, where is he?” Eric was trying to get the information out of his friend. He knew that it was his fault for hurting Ryan, but he didn’t expect this to happen.


                “I’d tell you if I thought you truly cared about him, but since I know you don’t, you don’t need to know.” Speed’s voice was cold and snappish towards Eric. He never forgave him for what he had done to Ryan’s spirit, and had begun to distance himself from the Cuban-Russian.


                Horatio had also distanced himself from the team. The only people he’d talk to outside of work were Speed and some of the detectives. Calleigh had tried to ask him, but he had cut her off at every chance and left her with a hard, truthful statement.


                “You didn’t care when he was here, and you resented that he wasn’t in for two weeks. I had told you and Eric to back off over the time he was here and neither of you listened. Answer this for me, Calleigh, why should I tell you where he is, when you didn’t even care to listen to me in the first place when I gave him the seal of approval?”


                Calleigh was quiet after that and hadn’t asked again. Speed knew she was looking for Ryan within the community, but Patrol wasn’t making it easy for her. Ryan had been a good friend of theirs and the hostile attitude that Eric and Calleigh had towards Ryan was biting them in the ass.


                Alexx had seen Ryan before he had left. Both had a lengthy discussion that made Speed and Horatio wonder what had been said. The lab’s mother hen was sad, but happy. When Speed had asked her about it, she simply replied that she had a chance to fix what she had done wrong. Horatio was only now just going back to talking with Alexx outside of work.


                While all of this was going on in Miami, Ryan was finally content with his life. Don, his Master, was talking good care of him, and Danny, his fellow sub, kept him on his toes. He was also able to meet with his old Master, Sid Hammerback, once a week for two hours after work. He kept in touch with Speed and Horatio, and messaged Alexx regularly. The three keep him informed about what was going on in Miami.


               When they had gotten to New York, Ryan was instantly welcomed by the labs, and was soon put to work. His days at the lab were filled with cases, and he was in full control. When he got back to Don’s apartment, Ryan was able to shed his work persona with each article of clothing, letting Ryan slowly slip into the mindset that he was being taken care of.


                It had taken a good two weeks, but he was happier now than he had ever been. Looking at his Master through hooded eyes, Ryan was glad that he had a cock ring on, cause his Master wanted to play.



The End

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