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I hate papers.

You have to write a bunch of bullshit and actually pass it off as common sense. Then, when you're done, you have to give two copies!

One at the "turnitin.com" and the other to the teacher....

Go I hate these things... so boring.. and 8-10 pages each paper! ick!

Now, I'd normally not rant about something so blah... but I'm sick as a dog with a tension headache the size of Austraila and I have gotten the flu.

Bloody hell... stupid school holding in all these nasty viruses... oh did I mention that I live in dorms?.. yeah that's why I'm soooo sick.

*snorts* such a nice day out too.... too bad the sun hurts...

well.. better luck tomorrow aye? Hopefully I can get some proper shut eye and people will stop yelling in the hallways..

Really are they like 3 or something?

Tags: rant, school
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