January 27th, 2008


Fic - Snatching Wolves Pt 2

*cackles* It is ready for postage...... *cackles louder before stopping for a coughing fit*

*looks up blushing* ... Umm.... enjoy?


Title: Snatching Wolves Pt 2

Author: Kat/Ryan

Pairings: Ryan Wolfe/ Dino

Warnings: M/M, slash 

Rating:  NC-17 - FRAO

Fandoms: CSI: Miami; Proof of Life

Genre: Slash fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami or Proof of Life… But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*


Thanks to my Beta Chris/Dino...


Summary: Dino is going to make his claim known to Horatio, and Terry sees a little too much of his best friend…


AN: Dino’s last name is courtesy of Chris/Dino… *hugs* thanks!


AN2: The Company’s name is Martini and Thorne INC. Those who have watched POL should know that Thorne and Martini were going to open their own company at the end of POL.

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