May 12th, 2008


Fic: Chocolate and Chains {FRAO, CSI:M, Ryan/Horatio/Speed}

Here is my newest fic.....

It's a birthday prezzie to Draco..... *smirks* enjoy!


Title: Chocolate and Chains




Pairings: Horatio/Speed/Ryan

Warnings: Slash, Sex, Food play, Threesome, Kink

Rating: FRAO




Fandoms: CSI: Miami

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami… But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*

Word count: 1,353


Summary: Who says you can’t play with your food?


Draco’s Birthday Challenge:


Explanation: You have to include some sort of sweet in the story. Whether that will be desert, chocolate, jelly beans, cookies is totally up to you as long as one of the characters in the pairing is totally hooked on it. Maybe even addicted. So, yes, please write another story about Don Flack having a cookie addiction or Greg Sanders doing anything to have another bowl of Ben & Jerry's. :D

Type of story: You can make the story a hurt/comfort or an angsty one BUT it has to have a happy ending. I don't want a death fic. Please, it's for my birthday I don't want to cry from anguish. I prefer crying from laughter. :D



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