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Fic - Originality - ShikaNaru

Title – Originality

Author – Kat/Ryan

Rating – R

Word count – 393

Disclaimer – I do not own Naruto. If I did…. Well… it’d be like a Yaoi version of Icha Icha Paradise…. Where Naruto is the Uke and … well… you understand….


Summary: Shikamaru wanted a decent birthday gift.


AN: This a fic based off a sketch that Hardcore Yaoi drew for me. *cackles* mmmmm hidden smut….




                Shikamaru wandered around his apartment with a slouch in his walk. He was in his lounge pants, as he had another three days off, and his hair was in a messy ponytail. He had a bored yet upset look on his face, and he was mumbling to himself about something. It had all begun yesterday, when his birthday had been a flop.


                “Shougi boards, weapons, other mind puzzle games. Why can’t they get me something else for my birthday? Ino and Chouji both know I have other tastes and likes.” The brunet sighed, aggravated at the lack of foresight from his friends. “They could at least show some originality, they are ninjas for Kami’s sake.”


                Shikamaru was so into his self pity party that he missed a familiar chakra signature and went back to wandering his apartment to make himself something to eat.


                “I know I complain about everything being troublesome, and even complain that everything is simple, but really, why can’t they make it more interesting. What am I supposed to do with twelve shougi boards, five chess boards, eight checker boards and four games of Go? Honestly, they all know that I hate the parties that Ino throws for me, so why can’t they do something else? Like all pitch in and take me to an amusement park or something.” He glared at his empty fridge.


                Scratching his head, Shikamaru sighed and shuffled back to his bedroom.


                “The only person that didn’t get me a gift was Naruto, but he’s on assignment and Sakura told me that when he got back, he’d give me his gift.” He sighed again, and opened his bedroom door.


                “Happy Birthday Shikamaru!”


                The brunet jerked back and slipped a bit on the floor staring at the image on his bed.


                “You’re birthday present” Naruto looked from beneath his lashes and gave a sultry smile, “Is me.”


                Shikamaru stared at the blond on his bed, ignoring the fact that his nose was dripping blood and he stepped forward.


                At least it’s original. Cupping his nose, Shikamaru wiped the blood off his face and tackled the smug blond back onto the bed. Taking the plum mouth into a deep kiss, Shikamaru began to plot what he could do to Naruto from now on. His gift, his rules; and Naruto knew better than to complain too loudly about it.


The End


Tags: fanfics, r, shikanaru

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