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NaNo! Day 1 part 2

                “Amen to that.” Ezra and Xander looked at the door way and saw the others slowly shuffle in.


                Nathan reached for the clipboard at the foot of Xander’s bed and whistled at the injuries. Now that he could see the others better, Xander began to commit each man to memory.


                Ezra had been godsend as Xander had waited for the others. The man’s dry wit and dark humor matched his own very well, and he was hoping that the well dressed, sharp tongued man would become a friend. It reminding him of his discussions with Giles and Cordy, as they allowed him to use his wit to get his point across, and he did enjoy learning new words.


                The eldest sat by the window watching the room at large and gave Ezra a small smile. His face was weathered by age, but Xander could tell that he was pleased with his life so far, and enjoyed it where he could.


                The tall man with the mustache was beside the older man and seemed to be playing a game of thumb war with the youngest man in the room. While the man may look relaxed, Xander could see the stiffness in the man’s shoulders and wondered if it was because he was trying so hard to win, or because he wanted to ask questions.


                The youngest man seemed to be the same age that Xander was, maybe a year or two younger. He seemed to be worried, but was willing to let the others take control at the moment and give Xander a chance to catch his bearings around the group.


                Nathan was pacing and asking Ezra questions about what the doctor had told him about the injuries that Xander had received, and he was secretly glad that it wasn’t him that was being asked. He’d be too tempted to say he was fine, and he knew that was the wrong thing to say to the man that seemed to be hell bent on mothering him.


                Finally the one that had spoken upon entering was watching him with sharp eyes, even though he was sprawled in the other chair by his bed. The long hair suited the man and made him look harmless if you didn’t know where to look. Xander had a feeling that this man would be similar to Oz back home. He seemed like a man who was soft spoken, and who didn’t let anything faze him, unless it hurt his friends.


                Spotting the laptop on the corner of his bed, Xander snagged it and pulled it closer. He was curious about the daily life in this new world, and he had to know if Sunnydale had ever been a part of this place. As he browsed the internet, Xander missed the curious looks being sent to him by Ezra, Vin and Nathan.


                Feeling the bed dip by his side, Xander peeked from beneath his lashes and saw that it was Ezra who was sitting beside him. Checking out the web pages and internet maps, Xander silently mourned that Sunnydale never existed in this place. Finding out that Oxnard did, caused a wry grin to slowly spread on his face.


                “Oh! Chris said that we had to set you up with identification. So we need as much information that you can give us. It’ll be things like name, parents’ names, date of birth, city of birth, schooling, job history, what your good at, and all that. Also, we need to know what you want to do for a living, and what you plan on doing to start.” The youngest jumped up and kept talking. His babbling reminded Xander of Willow when she was excited about something.




                “Let the kid talk JD, and don’t forget to breathe!” The man with the mustache playfully ruffled the curly black hair on JD’s head.


                “Buck!” Xander snickered at their antics and let JD take the computer from him.


                “Well, I’m Alexander LaVelle Harris. Mock my middle name and suffer. I was born September 14, 1981 to Jessica and Anthony Harris. Since Sunnydale doesn’t exist here, I’d have to say I was born in LA and lived in Oxnard until three years ago.” Xander paused and drank some of the water that Ezra gave him, smiling in thanks.


                “I went to an average school, have a straight D+ average, and yet have 1200 on my SAT’s. I know I have a learning disability as I can pick up languages really well, but my English sucks. I was a foreman in construction, and have a good grasp on demolitions as we had to level some buildings before we could do anything. I know my weapons, from archaic to modern, and I know how to modify weapons.” Xander smirked at the gob-smacked look on the faces around him and nodded.


                “I can also plan assaults and I have a passing familiarity with undercover workings. I know how to sneak, hide, lie, kill and hunt, but I’ve never killed a human. I’ve wounded many, but I’ve never killed and plan on keeping it that way.”


                “That’s what I wanted to hear Xander.” Chris’ voice startled the injured man, and all eyes fell on the door.


                “Xander, this is our boss, AD Travis. He’s heard your tale and has come to basically debrief you on what your options are.”


                “Mr Harris, I’m glad that you are cooperating with Team Seven as they set up your new identity. Now, I want to know what your plans are, so that I can help make sure that you get the best chances out there.”


                “Call me Xander, please. I know I want to help people, but there are many ways to do that. But I love do weapons, so something similar to the job these guys are doing?” Xander looked hopeful. “I don’t want to be in the day to day on the floor shooting, but I would love to work with weapons all day.”


                “So, a ballistics tech.”


                “A what?”


                “You’d be in charge of making sure that the weapons taken off the street matches the crimes that they go with. Like if we get a crate of guns and there are six that are linked to murders in other states, then you write that up and inform the labs at their locations.”


                “That’d be cool. I can do a GED then start at a College to begin the training.” Xander shuddered. “I hate school.”


                The others held back their snickers from the distraught young man. AD Travis smiled and shook the young man’s hand leaving the room to finish the paperwork needed to make him a real person. Before anyone could make a comment to break the silence, the doctor entered the room.


                “Ah, I’m glad you made it Agent Larabee. You should have your men follow this young man’s example when it comes to letting us doctors in doing our jobs. He’s a wondrous patient, and for that, the nurses offered to order him Chinese.”


                “SWEET! General Tao’s Chicken please!”


                “That’s what they wanted to know. Also, you’ll need to be with someone when we release you tomorrow afternoon.”


                “He’ll be with me.”


                “Ezra, I don’t want to put you out.”


                “Nonsense, I offered, and I wouldn’t make an offer if I didn’t have the means to help you.”


                “Thanks Ezra. I appreciate it.”


                “Good, now, your meal should be here in forty to fifty minutes. This will give you enough time to freshen up. Do you need any more painkillers?”


                “I’m good. Thanks doc.”


                “Very well, push the button if you need assistance.”


                The doctor left the room and Xander gave an innocent look to the team as they looked at him, and Ezra, in shock.


                “What, I’m a good boy.”


                That broke the silence as Vin burst out laughing and patted Xander on the head.


                “You’re going to fit right in with us Xan.”


                Xander smiled and let the group talk over him. While he was upset at having to go to school, Xander knew that these men meant well. He was sure that he could count on them for help in doing the homework needed to pass his courses.


                The smell of Chinese wafted through the door, and after flirting and thanking the nurse, Xander devoured his meal in record time. Team Seven watched in fascinated awe as Xander packed away the meal at a fast rate. Xander only noticed that he was being stared at after he finished his last bite and stared back in confusion.


                “Was I supposed to share? Sorry ‘bout that.”


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