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NaNo! Day 2 part 1

                “Was I supposed to share? Sorry ‘bout that.”


                “Ain’t that Xan, don’t think that the boys saw someone eat food that fast.”


                “Oh. At home it was ‘fend for yourself’ when it came to food.” He shrugged, “If the parents weren’t passed out and smelt the food, they’d try to take it from me.”


                Xander’s voice was matter of fact when it came to the situation, and that bothered the seven men more than they knew. Ezra and Vin had an idea that there was more to the fending for himself, but they would ask Xander in private later. Wanting to break the tension before it made Xander more uncomfortable, and before one of the others embarrassed the young man more, Vin spoke up.


                “Xan, I have a friend in Las Vegas who’s a Ballistics expert. I can have him come up and talk to ya if you wanted to know more about his trade. He’s realistic about what you can and can’t do, and he’ll know more about the ins and outs of the lab setting than we would.”


                “I’d like that. Do you think he’d let me pick at his brain?”


                “Well, maybe not actually pickin’ at it, but I can see him answering questions.”


                “Ha ha, smart ass.”


                Vin shrugged and smiled a small secretive smile.


                “Do you want to do more than just weapons?” Chris asked after he managed to calm himself down after the hidden bombshell that he found about the young man’s home life.


                “What do you mean? I like weapons.” Xander pouted, causing Chris to chuckle.


                “You could also do field. You said that you were good at pretending, if you were a field tech too, I could see about you doing undercover with Ezra.”


                Both men looked at Chris with wide eyes, before assessing each other.


                “You wanna try something tomorrow when I get out?”


                “Ah do believe that would be a most excellent idea. We will have to see if we can pull it off together though.” Ezra raised an eyebrow at the wave of Xander’s hand.


                “No worries Ezra. I have a feeling that we can pull it off. My legs will be fine tomorrow, and I have no doubt that we can prove our worth as a team.”


                “Wanna bet?” Buck’s voice snapped the attention of both Xander and Ezra.


                “What’s the prize?”


                “Who’ll end up losing, buys the drinks for the next three days, at the Saloon.”


                “How long do we have to get ready?”


                “You leave tomorrow, I’d say three days from today. That gives you both at least one full day to get your bearings.”


                “I’m game. You Ezra?”


                “Ah do believe I will accept the wager.”


                “I think they’ll be able to do it.” Vin spoke first.


                “Not enough time.” Nathan spoke up and gave both an apologetic look.


                “I think they can.” Josiah spoke for the first time in the room.


                “I think they can do it!” JD’s enthusiasm made everyone smile.


                “I think, like Nathan, it’s just too little time. Sorry boys.” Chris spoke with an apologetic shrug.


                “So, it’s three for and three against. Nice.” Xander spoke and snatched a pad of paper from the side of the table.


                “What are you doing son?” Josiah’s voice made Xander look up and give a wicked grin.


                “I have three days old man. That means we have to start now!”


                “Calm down Xan, the boys will be leaving soon, and that’ll give you and Ez a bit of time to get the basics down pat. Also, you’ll have tomorrow morning to start fleshing out your character while Ez does his at work.” Xander sighed and pouted at Vin’s words.


                “Fine, I’ll wait.”


                Before the others could start a new conversation one of the nurses came into the room.


                “I’m sorry gentlemen, but visiting hours are over and the patient needs his rest. You can show up tomorrow, but I have to ask all of you to leave.”


                “Of course; we will just say our goodbyes and leave Xander in your capable hands, my dear.”


                “Thank you.”


                “Now, Ah shall be down by noon the latest to pick you up. Here is my number to the office. Please call if you are discharged earlier.”


                “Thanks Ezra. Night guys,” he yawned. “I’ll see all of you tomorrow.”


                The seven men left the hospital all wondering what the next day would bring; now that they had a new friend to add into their circle. Xander snuggled into the thin sheets and smiled softly. While he was sad that Willow had sent him away, Xander was glad that he landed near these people. The seven men that were with him were all doing their best to make him feel comfortable, and they were succeeding. He only hoped that if he attracted anyone, that they would not be evil, and that he would be somewhat safe.  Now it was time to find a job, so that he could invest and make what Anya had called baby money.




                The next morning, Ezra was glad that he stopped by the hospital on his way to work. Xander had been dressed and ready to go, getting a smile from the undercover agent. Helping him into the Jag, Ezra drove in silence until they reached the Starbucks close to the office.


                “Caffeine goodness, here I come!”


                Ezra chuckled at the look of bliss on Xander’s face as he drank his sugary coffee, and followed him like an eager puppy to the car.


                “I have a plan that we can use to get the guys to think we are someone different.”




                “Do you have stage makeup? If we show up as a pair of girls and then tease and torment Chris and them we can use it to our advantage. Also, if we go to one of the sex shops we can get what they call ‘double sided breast forming tape’ it’ll let us attach fake breasts to our skin without causing irritation. Buffy liked it cause it let her go braless more often than not, which freaked Giles and me out when she went into share mode with us.”


                “Ah do believe that this can benefit us. There are certain styles of dresses that’ll fit your frame better than mine.”


                “Yeah, and we can use Nair when it comes to our legs and all as it’ll just wash away the hair and we won’t cut ourselves. We’ll also have to go out and buy the special padded underwear that’ll let us hide the fact that we have a penis too.”


                Ezra burst out laughing and Xander shook in shock.


                “Ah love the idea; now, accents or dialects.”


                “We’ll be from New York, from the Bronx district. They have a heavy accent and mannerisms would show off two different people. New Yorkers are loud, rude and obnoxious. They are also very opinionated and like to speak their mind. We could have been street girls that take crap from no one and became very successful in our chosen field. Say, fashion? I know tons about fashion because of Willow, Buffy, Faith and Cordy.”


                “Ah do believe that we have our bodies and tones. Now, we need names, and we need backgrounds, including what each person likes.”


                “Well, I’ll be Cordelia Janna Kalderdash and you can be Anyanka Kendra Jenkins. I can tell you ‘bout Anya and you could use her attitude towards your part. She was blunt, and had a bunny phobia. She loved money and sex. She also knew her limits. She was a Cosmo girl and loved to shop and get sparkly things. If it shone or gave her money, she was happy. She had the best imagination when it came to torturing men for hurting women and girls who were scorned. She could walk circles around you with her words, but you have to remember that she didn’t use big words. While she wasn’t an airhead, she preferred to keep everything simple, unless she was psyching you up for some mental torture.”


                Ezra licked his lips. “So, Anyanka Kendra Jenkins is a hard woman that keeps her girls safe with money and mental torture. She’ll do what she has to in order to survive and she does enjoy a good spot of violence. She loves sex, and the more she gets the better. She has a finical mind and loves it when she makes money. She has a deep sated fear of bunnies and rabbits, and is the financial manager of their clothing line.”


                “That’s right. I’ll be Cordelia Janna Kalderdash and I am the queen of snark. I can dress a man down with a verbal tongue lashing that’ll leave even the toughest man in tears. Fashion is my life, as is my dream to be an actress. Since we have so many friends that need to strip to survive, our fashion is suited more towards their profession. We do, however, also make clothes for the high class society and make a mint off of them. Cordelia has been known to be blunt and is devious with a computer. The girls on the street call her a techno-pagan as whenever she deals with electronics it’s like she’s working magic.”


                The pair of them stepped out of the Jag once Ezra was parked at the office and they stopped in for a pass for Xander. Nodding to the receptionist, Xander went back to telling Ezra about their new identities.


                “Both are all about the fashion, and love their fruity coffees. They are also very weight oriented. With my build, I had been a bouncer and a weight lifter in the underground networks. You would have been a kick boxer or martial artist with your build and worked best with a whip and knives.  We can flesh out more later on because I think we’re at your floor.”


                Ezra chuckled and led the way as Xander smirked at him. “Ah’ll enjoy working with you on this project, Xander, as Ah have a feeling it will give us delightful reactions.”


                “Xander! I thought you were getting out later today.” JD’s voice brought the attention of everyone to the brunet and Xander smirked.


                “Well, the doctor said that I had been such a good boy that he would let me leave early in the morning. I didn’t even have to call as Ezra seemed to have a premonition and picked me up at the hospital. I didn’t even have to ask about drinks, as we stopped for nummy coffee. Anything else?” Brown eyes batted at JD causing the others to laugh at the blushing and stammering computer expert.


                Taking pity on the young Bostonian, Chris gave Xander a pointed look and got an innocent look in return.


                “What, I’m a good boy. My knee and ankle are fine, as long as I take it easy, I know I won’t hurt my ribs or jar my arm. Now, do you have a spare computer that I can borrow? I wanna step up some accounts on line and start looking for a simple job to keep me busy during the day.”


                Chris rolled his eyes and pointed at the spare desk and Xander practically squealed as he was between Ezra and Vin. This way he could plot with Ezra and get Vin’s input when it came to good jobs in the area. While he was staying with Ezra, he was going to have to go shopping and get clothes. That meant he’d have to find a way to get funds, or borrow clothes until he could purchase his own. He’d have to see if there was a Thrift store nearby, or a Salvation Army.


                After turning on the computer, Xander quickly set up an account on hotmail, yahoo and Gmail. He wanted options of multiple emails if he needed and made one of them perfect for job hunting. Xander quickly wrote a note to both Vin and Ezra asking for information. He wanted to know the most about the city of Denver as possible.


                Two emails quickly popped into his Gmail account and Xander’s wicked chuckle caused heads to turn as he bestowed the group with an innocent smile. Seven pairs of eyes were watching him now and Xander quickly ignored them in difference to hunting for the best places to get clothes and personal items for his stay in Ezra’s town house.


                Finding several places that needed help, Xander was surprised that there were plenty within walking distance of the building. Xander kept browsing until he saw that a hardware store three blocks away was in need of a wood worker. Brightening up at the find, Xander sent the link to Ezra and Vin asking if it would be alright if he was that close to the building, and if it would be possible to get his information quickly so that he could apply at the store later today. Getting back two replies of yes, Xander’s face split into a wide happy smile and he began to hum as he now began to hunt for good thrift stores to help and make sure that he had enough clothes. He really did miss his shirts.


                Seeing the banks that were nearby, Xander asked Ezra which was the best to deal with. Getting back a list of several banks in the area, Xander decided on the US Bank, which was a block from the office. Sending them a quick email, Xander got an appointment that afternoon at two to open an account. Sending that note to Vin and Ezra, Xander went back to hunting for more jobs, and slowly building more background for the persona that he was going to show off in two days.


                “Alright ladies, I need those reports by five this afternoon, and we’ll get three days off. Xander, Ezra, for your bet, we’ll meet you both at the Saloon at noon to prove to us that you can win the bet.” Chris spoke to the group and missed the shared look between Xander and Ezra.


                Vin spotted the shared look and wondered about the look of amusement that Xander and Ezra shared, but figured it had to do with their bet. He knew that betting against Ezra was a bad thing, and had a feeling that Xander wouldn’t be a disappointment either. The fact that they want to meet up in public will test the outfit better and cause the group to show a higher appreciation towards their undercover agent.


                Ezra was laughing at the possible reactions that the group would give, and Ezra would make sure to tease their leader. If what Xander had said was right, then Anyanka was a woman that knew how to turn a guy on with the right words as well. Since she kept things straight forward, that implied she had no tact. He could work with that. He also knew that the use of his ‘thousand dollar words’ were more to aggravate the others than anything else. They expect him to act a certain way, so he had planned on capitalizing upon that. Now that Xander was here and understood those words like he was always around them made Ezra smile. He wouldn’t have to repeat everything to at least one person, and he knew that Xander would translate it for him if he head to now.


                Xander was bouncing in joy as he continued to surf the net. Chris was giving them an audience, and Xander knew that he acted best with a large audience. His brief tour as a stripper showed him how much he loved showing off to those around him, and he had a feeling that Ezra was the same. You could melt into the groups better by acting the right way, and since New Yorkers loved shows, well, he was sure going to give it to them. Spotting the time, Xander mentioned his meeting with the bank and Xander practically skipped out of the office after clearing the computer in front of him, leaving behind a smirking Ezra and Vin, and the rest all confused. All Ezra had to do was wait for the young man to return and then they could leave to finish their outfits for the day after.




                Six men sat at the Saloon a few blocks from the ATF building as they waited for their bets to walk in. The only problem was that they didn’t know what they would look like. Two young women watched the six men and smirked at their increased frustration and confusion. Catching the eyes of the blue eyed man both ladies left their spots at the bar and made their way over to the table.


                “Well hello there, I’m Cordelia and this is my friend Anyanka. We flew in last night and were wondering if you’d give us a tour of the town.” A heavy Bronx accent and a light voice made its way to the table and the six men had to swallow.


                Both women were dressed in designer threads. One was a larger build, but that was because of the obvious muscle mass that she had, and due to how she held herself. Sandy brown hair and bright green eyes looked at the assembled men before landing back on the blue eyed man, giving him a sweet smile, softening her look. Her green dress showed off her impressive cleavage and tapered off to show that she had long, strong legs. The other was a bit slimmer and had the build of a fighter. Her fiery red hair and blue eyes landed on the man in black and she sashayed over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She was in a red wine cocktail dress and was letting the blond man pillow his head in her large chest.


                “Well hello sexy. I can be sure to make you a very happy boy if you agree to show us around town.” Her voice was a deep purr and her accent simply oozed sex.


                “Cordelia, Anyanka, we’re sorry to decline, but we’re awaiting a pair of friends. They have to finish getting a few things before they meet up with us, that’s all.” Nathan’s voice was a bit wobbly, but he managed to speak without showing how much their accents and bodies were affecting him.


                “Well, are you sure that you don’t want to give us a tour? You see, a friend of ours told us that the men at this table would be more than happy to show us around. I can’t believe he was wrong.” Anyanka spoke with such sadness and before anyone could say anything, she pulled Chris in for a tongue tangling kiss.


                “Ah, Anya, always able to get what she wants.” Cordelia spoke with amusement and she bent down to give the blue eyed man a kiss.


                “We could have had great sex together blondie, too bad and too late now.” Anyanka spoke after her kiss, leaving a glazed eyed man sitting and looking dreamily at the one that controlled his mouth.


                Anyanka waved Cordelia closer, after she finished sampling the blue eyed wonder and shared a smirk. The two stepped close to each other and linked arms. Looking at the six men who were looking between the two with expressions of lust, want and disappointment, they let loose a set of wicked chuckles.


                “By the way, for the next three visits, drinks are on Chris, Nathan and Buck.” Ezra’s voice came from Anyanka’s lips making the looks of lust, want and disappointment to shift to shock, confusion and disbelief.


                “See you boys later!” Xander’s voice floated from Cordelia’s mouth and the pair left six shocked men to dive into the fact that they were just cock teased by the two that they had been waiting for.


                “Oh my God!” JD’s voice knocked them all out of their stupor. “I can’t believe it! They were like perfect! They acted like they were really women! I never knew that they could act so well. They even got the voices right. That and they could walk and show off that they were women. No trace of them being men, and they didn’t look anything like Ezra or Xander. My God! I have to know how they did that!”


                Before JD could dash towards the door, Vin’s hand held him down.


                “We should let them get changed before you chase after them JD.” He licked his lips. “While I have no doubt that they’ll answer your questions, I think they want to get changed first.”

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