Katrina (katrinatoc) wrote,


Gotta love the art that is tattoos. I have two (a tiger and a double headed stone dragon protecting an emerald) and I am getting my third tomorrow.

Gods I can't wait. It'll be a Celtic knot and I just know that it'll be awesome to have.

I know that the maintenance will be easier than last time, since it'll be on my hip instead of my back, and I'll just love it even more.

Well, with that out of the way, school sucks as usual, and luckily I just got over something similar to the flu. Stupid dorm germs...

Anyways, I bow again to the writing skills of the many fanfic writers that I have read over the past little while.

The plots and descriptions in the stories are fantastic and I am so happy that I have a chance to read such wonderful pieces of work.

I can only hope that my writing is half as good as theirs.

*waves to the writers* I send you good vibes to keep the plots moving! *good vibes*

Cheers to y'all and the best of luck with everything!
Tags: fanfics, sick, tattoos

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