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NaNo! Day 8 Part 2

Note: There is sex in this addition... you better be happy chicka!


                Waking up to extra heat, Xander sighed and snuggled in deeper to the two heard bodies holding him. Xander then stilled at the idea of being in bed with two hard bodies before remembering that Ezra and Vin were in bed with him. Relaxing once more, Xander cuddled before he felt one of the bodies leaving the bed.


                “Where you going?” He whispered.


                “I can’t sleep anymore, Xander.” Came Vin’s whispered reply.


                “Stay in bed; warmer, more comfortable.”


                “You sure” The tone was hesitant and Xander looked over at his friend and gave him a sleepy smile.


                “Come back to bed Vin.” Pushing the blankets back a bit, Vin slowly slid back under the covers, and curled up around Xander once more, letting his hands rest on Ezra’s chest.


                Purring in contentment, Xander fell back asleep, clutching Ezra close and locking his arm’s with Vin’s. He’d have to be woken for either man to leave now, and that brought a smile to his lips.


                He woke up, sometime later, to something tickling his nose. Wrinkling the appendage, Xander slowly cracked his eyes open and smiled upon seeing Ezra.




                “Morning. Now, let me up, Ah need to use the facilities.” It took Xander a minute to figure out what Ezra had said and blushed as he let the Southerner go to the bathroom.


                “Have a good sleep?” Vin’s amused voice came from behind, and Xander purred once more.


                “Yeah, better than I have in the month I’ve been here.”


                “Well, while Ah appreciate that we were able to help you sleep, it is time for breakfast, and Josiah said he’d make pancakes.”


                Xander snapped awake and practically leaped out of bed. Making sure he had some clothes on, he ushered both Vin and Ezra out of the bedroom and down to the kitchen where the meal was being prepared.


                “Moring boys.”


                “Morning Chris, need coffee.” Xander got a few chuckles at that proclamation and was given a sweetened cup of coffee, making him moan at the caffeine goodness that flowed into him.


                “Well, time to get the table set, because breakfast is ready boys. You three made it just in time.” Xander gave a smug grin and sat between Ezra and Vin humming while he ate.


                The group ate in silence, and Xander had to hide a smirk from his friends. Since this would be the first full day of the Ray experience, Xander needed his coffee to enjoy it fully.


                “Oh, who’ll be manning the coffee pot? Cause I warn you, I go through ten cups before noon if I’m doing construction.”


                “You’ll drink ten cups before noon? You’ll drink that many in three and a half hours?” Chris’ voice was strangled.


                “Yeah, I need the caffeinated goodness to work my awesomeness.”


                “Oh my God, I think I’m traumatized.” JD’s voice made Xander mock pout.


                “Now that’s just mean. For that, I’ll pain the room you’ll be sleeping in, PINK!”


                “That’s just torture man,” Was the whined response.


                Smirking, Xander left the dining room and quickly showered and dressed. He knew the clothes from the Thrift store would be god sent, and he slipped into his broken-in work boots, before heading to the unfinished room. Ray had cut the walls out the night before, and Xander began to hammer away, getting the support beams fixed before putting up the new walls and insulation.


                “Hey boss man, got ya a cup of goodness and logged in. We’re doing the insulation now?”


                “Yep, get me the packages so we can fill the walls with some sound proofing too. Don’t want to hear it if anyone gets lucky in my spare rooms, it’s just tacky.” Ray snickered as they filled the walls, and smirked as Xander checked over the wiring and the studs before holding the walls in place.


                It took the guys a good twenty minutes to see why Xander drank so much coffee, Ray’s exuberance was tiring and the caffeine was the only thing that kept them going after seeing him bouncing around when he wasn’t in the room with working on the walls and floors.


                “I’ll need the peacock blue paint and the emerald green one too! Once we get the floors down we gotta primer and get some lunch kid!” Xander’s voice floated down after Ray and Josiah smiled as he noticed it was close to noon.


                “Oh, and the boys can’t come up yet! They don’ have the work clothes needed for a painting job and only Ez and Vin fit into my clothes!” That got the men to look at what they were wearing and Ray smirked.


                “Go to the thrift store, its three blocks away, and buy old sweats and t-shirts, cause you gotta help paint the four walls and the ceiling.” That got five weary sighs, after Vin stated that he and Ezra would make lunch for the group.


                Ray went back up to hand Xander his twelfth cup of coffee when Ezra poked Vin in the chest.


                “Do we begin the plan to seduce him tonight? Because I must say that all this extra work does make me wonder if he’s doing his own subtle attempt as well.” Ezra turned to the fridge and pulled out the chicken salad that they had prepared the night before.


                “Well, he does like to touch, but he’s been doing that for just over three years…”


                “You noticed as well, Ah see. All the touches can be explained as that of friendship, but he does it when he doesn’t have to either.”


                “You think…”


                “That he wants us both, Ah do.”


                “Give it to him tonight?”


                “That would be fantastic Mistah Tannah.” Ezra’s accent thickened at the prospect and smirked as the others came back, bitching and moaning that they were not something to be ogled by old ladies.


                Xander came down a moment later; looking washed, and made a beeline for the coffee.


                “So, now do you know why I drink so much coffee?” He looked amused at the group getting seven weary nods in return. Ray was a force of nature, one they enjoyed in very small doses.


                “You never told me why you need so much coffee.” Ray pouted and Xander simply chuckled.


                “I keep saying that you’re a force of nature Ray.”


                “That’s not a reason.”


                “Not sure about that.” Vin muttered as offered a sandwich to Xander and the others.


                “No, I need to sit. Come on, the chairs in the dining room are easy to clean.”


                “But-” JD began.


                “JD, I’ve been standing and pounding for a good three hours. I need to sit for a minute to let my body relax from what it was doing earlier.”




                “Yeah; so kiddo, next we stencil then blue with green prints or green with blue prints.”


                “Blue with green prints would look best. The emerald green is too sharp for a room to sleep in, and the blue is good for relaxation. That and the shades we got are the same color as the green paint.”


                “Good, now that we’ve got a plan, it should take two hours before we can start on the stencils. God I love my paint sprayer.”


                “What do you mean?” Buck asked after swallowing a piece of sandwich.


                “Painting is tedious, and long. To get the room painted in good time, I have a sprayer used specifically for painting. It helps in getting the room done fast as well as done right. No missed spots or missing layers.”


                “Wow, so then you’ll do the stenciling once the paint is dry, right?”


                “That’s right JD. The stenciling is what takes the longest, but it’ll be worth it.”


                Finishing off their meal quickly, Ray and Xander went back up to their project as the others began to do a count of what they could expect from the locals when they were bringing the evidence to be destroyed. Over the two hours, muffled curses and the soft sound of a motor filled the house, and Josiah began to prepare dinner. Seeing that there was little else to do, Buck made his way to the mud room and began to do the laundry that he had been putting off.


                Ezra and Vin began to plot on how they should approach Xander, and before they could really go in depth with their plans, there was a knock on the door. Chris waved at them and answered the door, surprised to see Calleigh Duquesne standing there.


                “Can I help you Miss Duquesne?” Chris’ voice was neutral, and didn’t show any surprise upon her wince.


                “I came by to see if Xander, and the rest of you, were coming to the gathering tomorrow at the City Park. Ryan would have come, but I asked if I could instead.”


                “Xander, Calleigh is here!” Hearing a muffled curse, Chris smirked at seeing Xander wagging a finger back at Ray.


                “Why Calleigh, what brings you over?”


                “The gathering tomorrow, I wanted to know if you were going to be there.”


                “Can I ask why?”


                “Do you want to meet Eric’s mother. Alexx was going to discuss his attitude with her tomorrow.” She gave him a devilish smile.


                “We’ll be there with popcorn and drinks.” He returned the grin.


                “Glad to hear it. It’s from eleven to two in the afternoon.”


                “Like I said, we’ll be there.”


                “See you tomorrow Xander.”


                “Cheers Calleigh!” With that he closed the door and let out an evil chuckle.


                “What’s that about?” Buck asked as he watched Xander warily.


                “Eric’s mother is going to hear about how he’s being an ass at work, and we are invited to witness it with front row seats.”


                “Damn, that’ll be fun. But you’re being awful chummy with Blondie.” Vin replied, not angry but curious.


                “She apologized to Ryan for her behavior. Eric witnessed it and made her cry.”


                “You’re shitting me,” Was Chris’ deadpanned response.


                “Nope; he was all angry at her for forgetting Speed and all that. So, I belted him one and drug him to H’s office where I lashed back and Horatio suspended him.” With that said, Xander gave a jaunty wave before heading back up to his project, and the seven men shared a glance.


                Ezra and Vin shared another one as well, who knew that Xander sounded damn sexy when he was indulging his evil side.




                Xander was tired by the time dinner was finished. All he wanted was a hot bath and a good sleep. Luckily he could sleep in tomorrow and told Ray that there would be no work, because of the gathering tomorrow. Entering the bathroom, after having stripped himself down to his underwear, Xander froze at the sight before him. Vin and Ezra were resting in his large tub, and looking at him through hooded eyes.


                “Umm… am I interrupting something” He fidgeted at the slow smirks that graced their faces and he had to bite back a moan.


                “Not at all, Xander. Now, why don’t you join us? There is plenty of room, and the water is lovely.” Ezra’s voice came out as a purr, and Xander stripped out of his boxers before slipping into the water with a moan of contentment.


                “Feel better Xan?” Vin’s husky drawl made him shudder, but nod.


                Two sets of hands began to wash him down, and Xander melted into the caresses. Each stroke was gentle and seemed to hunt for his hot spots. He let out a few soft moans before he was pulled into a deep, probing kiss. Soft hands framed his face and the taste of something so fine, like an exotic wine, which could only be described as Ezra, filled his mouth.


                Breaking the kiss to get some much needed air, Xander was pulled into another kiss, just as demanding s the last. Calloused fingers stroked his cheeks, and carded through his hair. Vin’s taste filled his mouth and made him think of an open field, just after a good rainstorm. Whimpering into the sharpshooter’s mouth, Xander gasped for breath when he pulled back as well.


                “Wow… Just… Wow…” Xander simply stared with glazed eyes, and missed the amused expressions be shared.


                After a few more moments of touching and stroking, Xander was lifted from the tub and dried off with a warm, fluffy towel that he had gotten for Ezra last year. Once they were all dried, Xander was led to the bed, where both men began to pay tribute, once more, to his skin.


                Xander was so lost in the pleasures that he was getting that he never noticed when one finger slipped in, then turned to two, then three. He did notice, however, when he was filled and stared up into deep blue eyes. He gasped and moaned as Vin slowly took him, lovingly filling him and stretching him. His face and chest was being peppered with kisses from Ezra, and Xander couldn’t form words to express himself. Hands kept batting his own away from his weeping cock as Vin slowly began to move faster, reaching his own completion before wrapping a hand around Xander’s purpling cock to stave off his orgasm.


                “Need, please… Need…” Xander’s pleas were almost incoherent as Vin slipped out and Ezra slipped in.


                “Soon love, let Vin and Ah take care of you. Tonight this is all for you.” With that, Ezra began to move at the pace that Vin finished at, moving slowly to turn Xander into a mindless mass of pleasure.


                Writhing and moaning, Xander had to be silenced, and the blue eyed Texan dove down for a kiss. They’d have to meet up again, without the others to really hear Xander let it loose, and Vin would be waiting for it.


                Ezra was having similar thoughts and began to move at a quicker pace, knowing that both he and Xander were close. Shifting, Ezra smirked when he nailed their young lover’s prostate with a hard thrust, and was soon cursing as Xander came hard between them. Latching onto a nipple to muffle his own cry, Ezra came into the tight heat, his cum mixing with Vin’s, leaving three exhausted people on the bed.


                “Damn, you guys were a fella out,” Was the croaked response from Xander, after he caught his breath.


                “We aim to please.” The equally tired response came from Ezra.


                “Damn, I’m so glad we get to sleep in tomorrow.” Xander yawned and was soon cleaned up and snuggled with under the blankets.


                Sighing in pleasure, Xander’s lips latched onto Ezra’s neck and sucked softly as he fell asleep between two warm bodies. Smiling into the smooth skin that he was resting on, Xander thought that having these two men sleep with him was the best decision he had ever made. As he fell asleep, two kisses we bestowed to his crown as he was joined in slumber.

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  • What Big Cat Are You?

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