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NaNo! Day 12

                Xander spotted Nick and Warrick looking around and they were in a corner. Making his way over, Xander didn’t see Joe and Levon talking to Tony and cornering him in the other corner of the room. Vin on the other hand, was amused at how matchmakers tried their hand at things. Tony was blushing and Warrick and Nick spotted Xander too late, and were now cornered and chatting away. Catching Ezra’s eye, Vin smiled as their green eyed devil was getting Chris and Buck to slowly move into being more than friends. They all knew that Chris and Buck loved each other, and not one of them had an issue with it. They just asked that JD be given at least a months notice if he has to move, and Vin had a feeling that JD was going to pounce Josiah anyways.


                Xander smiled at Nick and Warrick, since both were wary of him from when he beat them at acting like they were from the cities they mentioned. When Xander beat Nick at being a shy Texan, he explained how Ezra had been coaching him in mannerisms and had him enrolling in private acting courses. Xander had given them the picture of him and Ezra dressed as Cordelia and Anyanka, and they both drooled until he pointed out that he had been Cordelia and Ezra had been Anyanka. He would never forget the look on their faces, and David had been nice enough to get him a copy of the shocked, disturbed and surprised look that the pair had shared.


                “So, when are you going to be joined at the hip like Greg and David have been for the past year?”


                “We’re not that comfortable with that idea man. We’re just really good friends.” Warrick was trying to down play it, but the hidden longing could only remain hidden for so long.


                “Warrick, I know that you’re both hot for each other. I worked with the pair of you for three summers running. Now, when are you both going to admit it? If you don’t I’m getting Greg to hound you when it’s time for me to go. You’re both awesome friends, but you gotta smell the roses. No fear of rejection guys, besides, your already best friends and share everything else, why not each other?” With a leer and a wink, Xander spotted Tony with Joe and Levon and made his way over, giving Warrick and Nick a chance to chat without him poking his nose in any further.


                Slipping behind Joe and Levon, Xander draped and arm over their shoulders. “You boys are playing nice with Tony, right? I don’t have to get all mean like I had to with Gibbs, cause I gotta say that I can snark and bitch with the best of them, ask Ezra and Chris; I fight back.”


                “We’re being good boys Xander, and we’ve been talking with Tony about seeing if he wants to come down to Denver. There are many things that he’ll like there, and we always enjoy getting the experienced ones.” Xander had to bite back a laugh at the obvious flirting and squeezes the shoulder under his arms.


                “Well, you two better be nice to Tony, since Gibbs was an ass, I can only hope that Tony’s been getting some sleep.”


                “Yeah, I’m crashing in Ducky’s room and he seems to be doing everything he can to keep Gibbs away from me. Gerard is helping out too; it seems that he’s looking forward to seeing if you can bludgeon someone to death with Jell-O. I told him only if he were to mix in cement and leave a stick in it to give him a handle. He told me he’d think about that before he tried anything.” Tony yawned and Xander nodded and Joe and Levon to take care of Tony.


                “Well Slick, you can crash with us if you want. Your body’s about to shut down and it might be better to do that in a bed than on a hard floor.” Levon maneuvered so that he was supporting tony discretely and Joe cleared the way.


                “Sleep well Tony, and be good guys.” Xander whispered and he went to hunt down his sneaky Texan and his cunning Georgian for a quick kiss before the next panel opened for them to enjoy.


                It was going to be another long day, thankfully Nick and Warrick had taken his advice, Chris and Buck were nowhere to be seen, JD and Josiah were whispering in a corner, Greg and David were in a conference room listening to one of the presenters droning on and Tony was just taken by Joe and Levon.  Xander wanted a snuggle and before he could find Vin and Ezra, he was wrapped in a hug from behind.


                “Hey Xan,” Vin’s voice whispered into his ear, relaxing the tensed muscles and he leaned back a bit. “Are you done playing matchmaker and ready to hunt down Ezra?”




                With a wink and a swagger in his step, Xander and Vin began to look for Ezra. They found him by the snack table watching the other members of the convention. Spotting them, he smiled and both quickly made their way to his side.


                “Can we disappear? Everyone else is. Besides, why do we need to learn about being sneaky? If we can confuse people by dressing like a woman, what else do they have to worry about?” Xander looked truly perplexed and Ezra chuckled.


                “There are new technologies that can help hide our equipment and let them still remain durable. It can be imbedded in other items, thus looking like normal jewelry.”


                “Oh, still, do we have to?” Xander gave them his best kicked puppy look and got two groans in response.


                “Not in public, Shifter, you know that those are lethal weapons. Do you want Chris to be mean and keep us apart longer?” Vin asked.


                “Fine, I’ll be good. But we are done after this, right?” He looked at both, eyes pleading that it was true.


                “Yes, we are free after that.” Ezra agreed.


                “Thank God!” With a wink and a smile, Xander led the way to the room, still avoiding the searching gaze of Tony’s boss. Hopefully this will give them time to hide until Dinner, where they weren’t even near each other to get passed the long meal. He hoped that he and Ryan could have a good conversation, and that the other members that he would be sitting with weren’t going to be grumpy old men. What would be worse would be sitting with the NCIS team and having to suffer Gibbs’ glare throughout the meal.




                Once they entered their room on the sixth floor, Xander simply melted into Vin’s arms. He was so tired, and all he wanted to do was sleep since his nightmares were getting odd. Willow was in Hell, and blaming him for some odd reason. He snorted; anything she did to end up in Hell was her own fault. She probably did something stupid like destroy her reality and killed billons of innocent people and demons. He sighed, Willow would never learn. That was the main problem; she believed that she was right, even if someone wiser said otherwise. Then she bitched and moaned when it went wrong.


                Stripping down to his boxers, Xander crawled into bed and curled under the covers. Vin and Ezra chuckled at the small bits of hair sticking out from under the comforter, but stripped down as well and called the front desk for a wakeup call, an hour before the big dinner. They could use the nap, and hopefully Xander didn’t have any nightmares during this rest.


                Cuddling close to his two loves, Xander sighed happily and purred in contentment as he was petted by both and fell into a peaceful sleep. No nightmares would bother him for many nights to come.

weeeeeeee..... sadly the bunny is being slow today... *sighs*


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