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NaNo! Day 12 part 2

                He hated formal wear. To Xander, getting dressed in a fancy suit, for someone other than your lover, or lovers, was simply a means to easily torment those who enjoyed a good pair of cutoff jeans and a wife beater. He wanted to glare at the speaker, but the man simply seemed to drone on, enjoying his own voice, and was ignoring everyone who had to listen to him.


                Xander looked around the room and smiled upon seeing Tony sitting beside Levon, and Joe was chatting away with Abby. If he read Tony’s face right, Joe was playing footsie with him and Levon was playing with his upper thighs.


                Ezra and Vin looked good in their suits, and Xander could tell that Vin was just as uncomfortable as he was. He was just lucky that he had Ezra with him to distract him from running out of the room, or turning into a statue.


                Looking at Ryan, Xander gave a weak smile as he fiddled with the food on his plate. He was still tired, thanks to the numerous nightmares that had plagued him in the weeks before, and the few emotional upheavals that he had done upon seeing his friends. Though, he was happy, his plan to get Warrick and Nick seemed to be working as the pair was whispering in low tones, and Horatio seemed to be making an extra effort with Ryan. Thinking over what it would be like to have H date Ryan, Xander had to hide a smirk with a sip of water. Yes, that would be a pretty picture, and if he had his way, Xander’s next match would be that pair.


                The room began to clap and Xander joined in, smiling when the pompous little man finally left the podium. He probably thought that everyone liked him, but in reality they were glad he was now sitting down. He seemed smug, and Xander rolled his eyes before pouting that another man took the stage. Luckily, it was just to mention the outstanding job that certain teams had done, and Xander had to hide a smile when Chris glared at him. He simply looked at the man with an innocent expression when the impressive list of what Team Seven was rattled off to the collective audience of police and crime scene specialists. When Chris looked away, Xander winked a Buck, and looked back at the podium, missing Chris looking back at him when Buck chuckled.


                Nibbling on some lettuce, Xander began to watch the room once more. He knew that while he was a new face, in the relative scheme of things, he knew a good portion of the attendees. He met Joe and Levon when they had come to Denver working on a case, and their relative ease with how they worked together was what drew him to the pair. They could laugh and joke around about anything and everything, but when it came to work, they were sharp and fast and they knew what they were talking about. He saw them call a kidnapper on his bluff, and watched as he folded with the right words. It was a hearty feeling to see that, and while the reminder that not every Tom, Dick and Harry that was caught went to jail did dim the feeling, it didn’t erase it.


                Tony and Abby had been met over coffee when he had to testify to a crime where the perpetrator went through the NCIS courts. Wearing a suit similar to the one he had been wearing, Xander looked at the Goth girl’s clothes longingly, since she seemed to be the most comfortable one there. Preppy boy beside him had asked if he was checking her out, and Xander simply said that he envied her since she could wear something she was obviously comfortable in. That got him an assessing glance and Xander explained that he had to act like he was comfortable, or he’d be laughed out of the courtroom. The three of them had gone out for dinner when their job was done.


                He knew the Las Vegas teams simply by having his “in school” tutorials at their lab and Xander smiled at how he caught Greg and David before shift had begun. He remembered clucking his tongue at them and then saying that they simply owed him a bag of Greg’s coffee. When hounded later, by an irate Trace expert, Xander simply smiled and mention that he would never mock love and it was obvious to those who looked that they were together. David had been grumpy, but was soon stealing Xander away so that he could teach the young man a few things about his trade, claiming that wasting all the potential was painful to see. Greg had simply glowed in joy, and gave Xander chocolate, something he swore to never do again as Xander did a very good impression of a demented humming bird.


                As Xander turned his attention away from the room around him and back to his table, Xander smiled at the rest of the Miami crew and looked over at the New York team. Before he could do more than look over their faces, Ryan spoke to him.


                “How are Ray Jr.’s lessons coming?”


                “Pretty good, I got him practicing to walk in heels and putting on the right amount of makeup.  Yelina seems to be giving him tolerant looks, and shakes her head when she hears the high heels clicking about in the house.”


                “Why is Ray practicing to wear high heels, Xander?” Horatio’s voice was amused, and they all knew it was for the benefit of the four New Yorkers sitting with them.


                “He wants to dress up like a chick for Halloween.” That got a series of coughs from the three men and the one woman, and Xander sat back smugly.


                “Ray’s lessons are going well; he can now talk like a lady, and has the walk down pat. We got him used to wearing the falsies and a bra, and the next step is to wear the fake boobs and walk around in the heels for a few hours. He knows how to sit, and once he’s had his growth spurt, we can get him the clothes that he’ll be able to wear for the dance. We’ll get him a wig, for the simple reason that dying his hair might be a bit too much for Yelina.”


                “Horatio, your nephew is going to dress like a girl for Halloween?” The dark haired man looked at the Lieutenant in shock.


                “Yes, and since Ezra had been coaching him, with Xander’s help, I see no reason as to why my nephew shouldn’t try and see what a girl’s life could be like.”


                “But, what about his…” The blond man looked uncomfortable and Xander snickered.


                “There is special underwear that is made just for these types of things. Not everyone can use double sided tape on such sensitive skin, and since I don’t use it, I wouldn’t expect him to. IF he needs to remove hair, well, Nair is harmless and only takes fifteen minutes to apply and wash off. Besides, we got the perfect clothes for him to wear, and who doesn’t like a woman with long lean legs, and ample cleavage?”


                The woman with them snorted and rolled her eyes. “So you want him to look like a cheap thing off the corner?”


                “No, I want him to look like sex on legs and have an attitude that’ll make most men beg. I’m modeling him after my ex, who was the Queen of my high school, and she became a very popular small time actress. She died when her migraines got too bad, after being in a coma for a year.” His reply was frosty and the woman jerked back as if slapped.


                “So, where will he be from?”


                “We’re giving him a Californian accent. He’s got it down pat as a guy, but it needs a bit more tweaking as a girl. I’m also teaching him to fight in and out of heels. A lot of guys are gonna get on his ass for this, so I’m teaching him how to fight back without looking like he’s fighting. He can even achieve it when he’s being attacked three or four against one. You gotta love momentum.”


                “You know martial arts?”


                “I know some, but I fight better with a weapon in hand. I miss my two headed battle axe; it was a present from a friend who collected. He gave it to me when he died.” Xander pouted and made the look more pronounced when he noticed that Ezra and Vin were looking at him.


                “Why an axe?”


                “Why a sword, why a gun, why a whip; I just work better with an axe as a weapon, though guns are a close second. I’ve always loved weapons and their histories, if I wasn’t going into ballistics, I would be doing everything I could possibly to do to end up working with medieval weaponry, maybe even archaic weapons. Since the history of mankind is dripping with blood, why not work with the tools that allowed it to become just that much more deadly?” He gave the group a sweet smile and stood to leave with the rest of the room. He wanted to find Ezra and Vin before they slipped away, and stripped them out of his suit.


                Spotting them with Chris and Buck, Xander stepped between them and smiled at his grumpy friend.


                “Did you like your introduction? I had the man remove much more than what he wanted to say. You need to keep some secrets.” Batting his lashes at Chris, Xander pulled Ezra and Vin away with a jaunty wave and melded into the crowd.


                “New York was asking questions, and their boss is a Marine.” Xander tried not to whine.


                “What did he ask about?”


                “My axe.”


                “What did you tell him?”


                “Well, that it was given to me and that I hold a deep love for weapons, the more bloody the better?” He had the grace to look sheepish, getting a sigh from Ezra and a head shake from Vin.


                “Well, at least you have taste.” Ezra sniffed and walked Xander and Vin to the elevators, this talk would be best in private. Hotels and casinos always had too many ears on the main floor.


                Upon entering the room, Xander was pinned to the door and his mouth was ravished by a persistent tongue. Gliding his hands upwards, his fingers tangled into shaggy hair, and he let out a whimper. Vin broke off the kiss, and before Xander could get more than a lungful of oxygen, Ezra dove in for a taste. Clutching to the pair as his mouth was dominated once more, Xander keened in loss when Ezra pulled back.


                “Do you know how much we wanted to snatch you away from your table when we saw that pout?” Vin’s husky voice slowly filtered into his mind.


                “You do realize that we had to find an unpleasant image to remove the affect that your pouty lips had on us?” Ezra began to nibble on his ear, and Xander’s knees buckled.


                “Yes, we do believe that you need to learn that teasing us is not something you should indulge in often, Alexander, for we shall do what we can to correct you.” With that, Xander was quickly stripped out of his clothes and tossed onto the bed.


                “Yes, this will start things off nicely.” The gleam in his lovers’ eyes made Xander wary, but he had faith that they would never hurt him, well, not much anyways. With that, both descended onto him, and began to tease and torment him with strokes and touches, licks and nips, as well as a few well placed sucks.


                Yes, Xander would learn not to tease Vin and Ezra in public again, but he knew that he was going to try it again anyways.




                The trio slept late the next morning and the topic of why someone was asking him questions came up over coffee.


                “Well, I was asked what I liked, and mentioned that I enjoyed weapons, the older the better. I said that it was my first passion, and guns were a close second, since I was a history buff when it came to weaponry. Besides, history is bloody; I liked knowing what made it so.”


                “Makes sense, why do you think he was fishing?” Vin asked quietly.


                “He perked up at the words Ballistics Tech, and I don’t put it past him to go digging into the past that JD made for me.”


                “What if he offers you a position?” Ezra asked just as quietly


                “I’m going to Denver, and nothing other than AD Travis saying so will stop me. If I can’t work with you guys when it comes to the field, then I’ll go back to being a history buff that is all about the weapons.” He shrugged.


                “You’d leave the field if you didn’t get Denver?” Ezra and Vin shared astonished looks.


                “Well, yeah. You guys are family, well, the other five are family, and you two are just mine. Besides, I did do a double major. I have a degree in Ballistics and History. I’ll be doing my Masters later in the history of Axes, swords and other archaic weapons and how they changed the world. Besides, I have a good idea for a PhD in the field, and that can only help.” Upon finishing his coffee, Xander was pounced on by two happy men.


                Squawking at the manhandling, Xander was soon worn out once more, and cocooned into two sets of loving arms. Yawning Xander made a note to remember that complimenting the pair lead to great sex and cuddles. Falling asleep, the trio never saw the door open, nor did they see Chris’ smile at the puppy piling on the bed. Closing the door, he smirked at Buck and motioned him to follow, as the three would not be making the panels today.

Whoot! Just over 2K shy of reaching 50K!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
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  • What Big Cat Are You?

    You Are a Black Panther You see through people. You understand others' motives and plans. You have a knack for predicting the future. You…

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