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NaNo Fic - Continued!

*smiles happily* Hey all!

I just wanted to let you know that I have continued the NaNo fic that I begun in November of 2008....

Here is the next installment, and I hope you like it! Check out the rest in my memories... it's listed as NaNo 2008 I believe!

ooohhh! and click on the link on the side to see my dragons... my eggs need the love!

On with the fic!


                The last few months passed by quickly, and soon Xander was packing his things to head back to Denver. The house was being sold for a nice and tidy sum, and Xander was pleased with the final product of his first home. Ezra and Vin had flew down the weekend before to help him pack the last of his belongings. The items that he no longer needed, he had separated for the hurricane and homeless shelters as well as the low income families.


                Xander knew that he would be thrown a party by those in the lab, and he wanted everything packed and ready to be sent off before the guests had arrived. There were a few things left to do, and he was still bouncing around because all he wanted to do was leave and go back home to both Vin and Ezra. He missed his lovers, and his friends, and the fact that they could only spend small periods of time together was driving him up the wall.


                He was startled when the door bell rang, and wiping his hands, Xander went to see who was at the door. A smile lit up his face upon seeing the others of the lab and Xander let them in. They knew he would be gone by the next morning, and that this was their last chance to say their goodbyes.


                “Good afternoon Xander,” Horatio spoke as he walked into the packed up home that his nephew had helped to build.


                “Hey guys, come in and make yourselves at home, the movers will be here in three hours to pack up the rest of the house, so I won’t have anything left out by then.”


                Settling in the living room, Horatio and the others of the Day Shift lab waited for Xander to come back with whatever he was busy with in the kitchen. They had all been to his home when it was finished, and they were all still in awe at the magic the young man could do with tools, supplies and sweat. They knew that Larabee’s team would treasure him, and that made the loss of him a bit easier to bear. Ryan and Horatio wanted to thank Xander for his help in pushing them together, and for not beating them when he helped Ryan keep his job.


                “Are you driving back to Denver?” Calleigh asked Xander as he entered the room with a full tray of drinks and food.


                “Yeah, I don’t want to put my bike in a shipping container to be unloaded when it gets to Denver in two or three weeks.”


                “What do you have left that needs to be packed away?” Eric asked, curious at how Xander was going to travel back to Denver.


                “Well, firstly, I have a back pack and saddle bags that are going to be packed with what I need for my return trip. Also, I had Vin and Ezra take back a suitcase each of my clothes, shoes, and toiletries for when I’ back. It’ll take a good couple of weeks for my things to get to Denver with the moving company. I’ve already given the clothes and items that I don’t need to shelters and thrift stores, and donated the food that I won’t need to soup kitchens.”


                “So the only food in the house is what’s in front of us?” Alexx asked with a smile.


                “Yep,” Xander gave a bright smile back, “So now you all have to eat, or else I have to throw away all of this food.”


                Laughing in delight the group began to eat and drink the food that Xander had prepared for them. Going over the past year, Horatio could see that he was happier now than he had been since Speed’s death. Oh, he would miss his confidant and friend, but now he had something precious. Thanks to Xander and his determination – something not to be confused with bull headedness – he now had a lover and someone to share his burdens with.


                “Before we all forget, I’d like to propose a toast.” Horatio spoke softly, yet everyone stopped and looked at him.


                “To Xander Harris, the one man that can beat you senseless with simple common sense. I am honored that you came to learn from us, since I know we learned as much from you.” Raising their glasses, Horatio marveled at the fact that his prize intern could still blush at simple praise, but was glad that he was still a humble man.


                “Yes, I’m glad you taught us too Xander, I would have lost much more than I would have gained if it wasn’t for you and your silver tongue.” Eric gave a sheepish smile to the group and Xander hugged the Cuban.


                “You helped us find what we lost when Speed was killed, and I am happy that you showed us where we were going wrong.” Calleigh gave Xander a sweet smile and wagged a finger at him, “I still want to see what you have for an exemplar though.”


                “Baby, you helped each of us with everything we needed and were more than happy to let us cry on your shoulder. I want to thank you though for helping us keep Ryan, I didn’t want to lose another baby boy, and this time to harsh working conditions.” Alexx patted Xander’s hand, and enjoyed the little boy smile he gave her.


                “Xan, I want to thank you for going against the grain on your first day. I’ll never forget the kindness and respect you gave me that day, nor will I forget everything you helped me with over the past year.” Ryan raised his glass once more and took a sip of the soda that Xander had served everyone.


                Xander blushed at the praise that the group was showering onto him, and while he knew that he had helped the team, Xander never realized the impact he had on his friends here in Miami. Taking in each compliment with humble thoughts, Xander tried to push the blush off of his face, and hid his face in his glass of soda.


                They talked through the night, and Xander smiled at each member of the team as they began to leave around eleven thirty. Calleigh, Alexx and Eric all had other places to go that day, so Horatio and Ryan stayed to help clean up the house before the movers showed up.


                It didn’t take long to finish packing the remaining items, and before Ryan, Horatio and Xander knew it, the movers were knocking on the door and loading up the truck.


                As his final belongings of his stay in Miami were loaded up, Xander turned to both Ryan and Horatio with a smile.


                “Thank you both for everything you’ve done for me.”


                “It was nothing Xan.” Ryan said with a blush.


                “Ryan is correct, we were happy to help you.”


                “Still, I wish you both the best, and Denver is always going to welcome you.” Shaking both their hands, Xander gave Horatio the keys to the house so that the house could be sold.


                “As Miami will always be open for you,” H gave Xander a smile and was startled at the hug that he got from the young man.


                “Both of you take care of yourselves, and I’ll be seeing you later.” With another hug to the shocked pair, Xander leaped onto his bike and drove off.


                “I’ll miss the goof ball.” Ryan whispered.


                “So shall I Ryan, so shall I.”

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