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NaNo Fic - Continued!

*cackles* I said that the bunny lived!

*smirks* do enjoy this small part that came to fruit.

*dances and goes to get ready for work* JA!



                It took Xander a week to get home. The Interstate had several large accidents along the way, and Xander just wanted to see his lovers and friends before he went to sleep for a month. Slowly making his way up to Chris’ ranch, Xander smiled at the sight of all seven vehicles parked around the large front entrance. Getting of the bike with a stiff dismount, Xander slowly made his way to the front door before knocking tiredly on the wooden frame.


                “What do you – Xander!” Chris exclaimed startled upon seeing their last brother, before dragging him into the house.


                “Xander!” JD squealed as he launched himself at Xander, sending them both to the floor, and Xander getting the wind knocked out of him.


                “JD! Stop manhandling Xander at once!” Moving swiftly to his lover’s side, Ezra helped Xander to the sofa where he and Vin had been sitting on.


                “Don’t… be mad… at him.” Xander wheezed, trying to force air back into his lungs. “He’s just… excited.”


                “He still didn’t have to flatten you when it was obvious that you barely had much strength left for the evening.” Ezra muttered as he got Xander comfortable between himself and Vin, and smiled at the content look that Xander was wearing.


                “I’m so sorry Xan! I didn’t even see how tired you were! I was just so happy that you were back, and that Vin and Ezra would stop being so edgy so that Chris wouldn’t kill them for being so out of it. Then there was the fact that you were two days late and everyone wanted to get out and see if you were ok, but you called every night, even when all you wanted to do was sleep. Then you didn’t call tonight and we were all nervous that something bad had happened and then – ACK!” Buck smacked JD in the head and growled at the young man.


                “Jesus Kid, he doesn’t need to be knocked down and manhandled by us when he just got here after driving from Miami in seven days because there were more accidents than usual on the Interstate.”


                “But Buck!”


                “No! You will calm down JD, our lab boy is sleepy. You can pounce on him tomorrow to tell him about our nerve racking week.”


                “Fine,” JD plopped down on the chair beside him and pouted for all of five minutes before leaping up to go and get something to drink.


                Xander had begun to whimper on the sofa, and JD patted his knee.


                “Hey, you’re safe here; no one’s going to hurt you.” Xander’s words startled the group, but they were even more shocked at the words.


                “Litter-pup knows safe is back with Pack… Safe with pack… No noisy mating or fighting in evil sunny hotel rooms.” Xander muttered from his spot on the sofa, and the seven had to hide their grins.


                “Yes Xander, we’re all safe and sound. Sleep, we’ll take watch.” Chris spoke with an indulgent tone, and the smile was wiped off his face at Xander’s next words.


                “Father and Dad make pack den safe.”


                Vin and Ezra were trying not to laugh at the flabbergasted look on Buck’s face upon hearing Xander’s words, since everyone knew that Father was for Chris.


                “Well, Ezra, why don’t you and Vin take Xander up to bed? I’ll cook his favorite breakfast in the morning.” Josiah spoke softly, trying not to speak too loudly, as to not startle the half-sleeping boy.


                “Papi-in-law hunt for food, Medicine man keep papi-in-law safe.”


                The group shared a smile and Xander was bundled up and carried to the bedroom upstairs, and stripped down to be cuddled by his mates. Snuffing the two, Xander muttered about warmth and mates before finally falling asleep in the king sized bed. This would be perfect teasing materials for the next few days, and Ezra and Vin knew that the others would poke their lover a few times before dropping the subject.

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