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NaNo 2008 Story

*smiles* I have more for your viewing pleasure people! do enjoy it, and let me know if you still want to read it.

I'll be wrapping it up to end soon, and I know that it'll be the "last" chapter to be fully posted.

do enjoy!


                Xander woke up slowly and stretched out the kinks in his back. Blinking his eyes open to the golden rays that sparkled around the room, Xander sat up and looked around for his lovers. Seeing a note on the bedside table, Xander picked it up and smiled at the words.



                                Went riding to the lake; see you at lunch.



                Smirking at the missive, Xander slipped out of bed and went to shower. The clock in the bathroom flashed that it was eleven in the morning, so Xander knew that he had time to shower, dress and make a quick meal for the seven riders.


                Sighing in pleasure at the warm spray that rained upon him, Xander let his mind drift as he thought about his trip back. While he was upset that he was two days late, he was glad that he got to the ranch the night before. He had been exhausted as the sense of excitement began to fade, and added that he had been riding for twelve hours hadn’t helped.


                Stepping out of the shower to dry himself off, Xander thought over his welcoming from the night before. JD’s enthusiasm needed to be curbed at times, but that would come with age and more busts. Wrapping the towel around his hips, Xander walked into the bedroom and slipped on a pair of boxers before he remembered his mumbled words the night before.


                “Oh shit, I’m so going to be teased when they get in.”


                Xander scrubbed his face with his hands and pouted at the memory of using the Hyena’s names for each man in the group.  Sighing once more, Xander finished getting dressed and made his way to the kitchen and began to get the food ready for the seven hungry men that would be arriving in half an hour.


                Mixing up a quick meal, Xander smiled upon seeing the pots happily cooking away. Pasta, sauce and some garlic bread were baking away, filling the room with the smells of home. While he didn’t know the same dishes that Josiah knew, or was as inept in the kitchen as Buck and JD were, Xander knew how to keep the house smelling like a home with simple dishes that took little time.  Hearing the back door slamming open Xander smirked as he stepped out of the kitchen.


                “Go wash up boys, lunch is almost ready.”


                A chorus of “Yes Xan” was shouted, and Xander made his way back to the kitchen to set up the table. Xander was pulled against a strong, lean chest, once the table was set, and had his head tilted back to kiss the blue-eyed sharp shooter. Letting out a soft moan, Xander pulled back for air and was quickly kissed by his green-eyed undercover man. A cough from the door way stopped the kiss, and Xander turned glassy eyes to Chris.


                “Sorry man, but I’m not kissing you.” Xander’s husky voice filled the room and both men blushed as the three behind Chris laughed while Ezra and Vin let out semi-possessive growls.


                “That’s fine with me; you’re missing a moustache anyways.” Xander snickered at that and motioned everyone to sit at the table.


                “Food is ready boys; you must tell me what I missed while I was on the road.” With that, JD began to tell Xander everything that had happened during the week, making him miss the smirk that Chris and Buck shared.


                Once JD was done with his rendition of the week, Buck slid out of his seat to clear the table of all the dishes.


                “Hey Xan, head to the living room with the others, we’re gonna have a Pack meeting.” The seven men laughed at the groan that spilled from Xander’s lips.


                Pouting, he followed the group and sat down between Ezra and Vin. Glaring at the others for snickering, Xander slumped down in his seat to wait for it to stop.


                “You know that we still care about you Xan, it’s just that you never let us in. It’s nice to know what you think of us,” Chris smiled softly.


                “Fine,” Xander sighed, “I still get to pout if you pick on me though.”


                “No worries Kiddo.” Buck smiled. With that said, the eight went over the plans of how to integrate Xander into their day to day work schedules without it seeming like they were hounding him. It would be a delicate dance, but they knew they could deal with it.

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