Katrina (katrinatoc) wrote,

Meme of the Music

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

saxihighlandck  gave me the letter C
sharpiesgal  gave me the letter K

Letter C
1. Come and I will sing you - Great Big Sea
2. Calling baton Rouge - Garth Brooks
3. Candyman - Christina Aguilera
4. Celin Dion - Arrogant Worms
5. Control - Puddle of Mudd

Letter K
1. Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
2. Kung Fu Fighting - Foo Fighters
3. Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine) - Vengaboys
4. Keep it Down - Smash Mouth
5. Kickin' and Screamin' - Garth Brooks

Tags: meme

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