Katrina (katrinatoc) wrote,

Fic - Candles, Dinner, and Oh My...

Title: Candles, Dinner, and Oh My…

Author: Kat - katrinatoc 

Pairing: Xander/Andrew

Rating: R

Word Count:  1,100


Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I own the word written on this page. This implies that I am poor, so no suing for you.


Summary: Who said that Romance was dead?


AN: This is for edenskye  in the "Twinkies for Xander" Challenge on Ultimate Xander



Xander smiled as he set up the last few candles for his date with Andrew. The pair had been together for three months now, and Xander was still amazed that he and the former Warlock were in a romantic relationship. He was certain that no one else would have reached him after Anya died after the fall of Sunnydale, and had spent two years in Africa mourning her loss.  Neither were fond of crowds, because of past issues, so a dinner in was a wonderful treat and symbol that Xander was ready to move forward a bit more.


Andrew had been working with Giles in the New Council, trying to get all the Slayers and Watchers into proper teams. He had made a mistake early on and almost abandoned Angel’s group in LA, but told Buffy that they had been getting geared up to fight a major Apocalypse and they only had five or six fighters. She had gathered up several of the more trained Slayers and had Willow magic them to Angel’s side in time to defeat the Circle of the Black Thorn.


Buffy had been furious at what Andrew had said to Angel and his group, but Giles had pointed out that Angel’s group had been working with Wolfram and Heart at the time, so he had every right to be wary of the Vampires and their team. It didn’t help that Angel hadn’t told them that Cordelia had died, and that something perverted had used her body at the time made them all question Angel’s sanity.


Xander had stood up to Buffy for Andrew’s sake and she had tried to play the fact that he had always hated Angel for getting her first and his reply had shocked her into silence.


“I hold no hatred for Angel, and I stopped being infatuated with you since high school. I had many relationships since then, if I remember right, and you know that Andrew and I have been dating for a few weeks now. No, if anything, I pity Angel actually. Here he was fighting the good fight, and then he forgets the main rule of guerilla warfare. Never make a deal with the ones you are fighting against, it gets dirty and bloody right quick.”


Buffy had gaped like a fish, and Xander had left after kissing Andrew lightly on the lips. That had been just over two months ago, and Xander wanted to surprise his lover with a warm meal, and possibly the furthering of their relationship.


The sound of a key unlocking the door made Xander giddy, and he lit the candles before leaning against the wall by the dining room.


“Hey Andy, how did the meeting go?” He drank in Andrew’s body, nicely wrapped in a well tailored suit.


“It was good; we’re meeting with a few other agencies that fight the nightlife here in England, so you’ll have to get a suit ready for that meet and great next week.” Kissing his dark haired lover, Andrew had to hold back a giggle that threatened to escape at the thought that Xander was all his.


“Hmm, that’s fine.” Leading Andrew to the kitchen, Xander was treated to the sight of his lover’s expression brightening.


“Wow, is this what you did all day?”


“Well, just most of it; I know how much you loved some of the dishes I brought back from Egypt.”


“Thank you,” Andrew kissed Xander. “But, what is it for?”


“The next step; now, eat over the slaving I have done today.”


Andrew was startled for a moment before a wicked grin crossed over his face. Xander had mentioned that he was nervous about being in a proper relationship, since they had all been mostly focused on sex or pleasure. The fact that he wanted to wait, and only now slowly gave into the silent acceptance made Andrew happier than ever.


They ate the meal in easy silence, shyly looking up at each other and holding hands when they could. A small game of footsie was being played as well, and Xander soon was shifting in his seat from the reactions that Andrew was causing.


Once dinner was finished, Xander pulled out Andrew’s favourite dessert, chocolate caramel cheese cake. They shared a slice and smiled as they fed each other the creamy treat. With one last lick, the plate was cleared and Xander stood to hold out a hand to Andrew. A kiss was shared once more, and Xander led his soon to be lover to the bed room. Hearing Andrew gasping at the sight of the room, Xander puffed up in pride at the reaction he could invoke in his lover.


The room had several dark blue candles lit, and there was a vase of White and Blue roses on the bedside table. A bottle of lube and condoms were settled on a fluffy white towel on the other table, and the sheets were turned down on the bed. The smell of musk and strawberries filled the room, and Xander snuck a look at Andrew wondering if he had gone a bit too far.


“Xan, this is perfect. How did you know?”


Shrugging shyly, Xander gave Andrew a soft smile. “I just did.”


Tugging him to the bed, Andrew stripped them both of their clothes and pulled Xander close for a mind blowing kiss. He wanted to show Xander that he truly did love him, and did enjoy the spoiling going on.


Xander was in a daze as Andrew took over the next step, and enjoyed the lack of responsibility. He was slowly brought to a new heightened level of arousal, and the simple love and devotion that Andrew was bestowing on him made him wonder how he had missed this feeling for so long. The simplicity in Andrew’s ministrations made Xander aware that he was going to receive his lover’s sincere thanks for his treat, and he had to fight to hold back tears. Not even Anya had shown him this amount of love and devotion, and it made him wonder why he never saw that before.


Their lovemaking was fast and slow, gentle and rough, mind blowing and earth shattering. Xander let Andrew play with his body, trusting the other man with all of his faults, and was sent to heaven with the results. In return, he gave Andrew the same awe inspired joy that he had moments before, and showered Andrew in pleasure.


Once done, they curled around each other, basking in the shared love and tenderness. Smiling as they fell asleep, both were glad that romance wasn’t dead.


The End.


Tags: challenge, r, xander/andrew

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