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Fic - What is the best one?

Title: What is the best one?

Author: Kat - katrinatoc 

Pairing: Xander/Giles

Rating: G

Word Count:  554

Beta: Becca/Paul


Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I own the word written on this page. This implies that I am poor, so no suing for you.


Summary:  He wanted the perfect token.


AN: This is for cmk418  in the maleslashminis  Xander Challenge



He could hear Faith complaining in the background about the snow here in Cleveland. Considering that it was in the Northern US, Cleveland was bound to get snow. Xander had been silent for a few days now, mourning the loss of another young Slayer in Training, and Giles couldn’t help but sigh sadly at the sight of his lover’s haggard features.  She had been killed in a mundane way, which is what hurt them all more. She had been hit by a truck while she had been patrolling for the newest nest of vampires in one of the seedier areas of the city.


Luckily there would be no more snow after this last snowfall, as it was the middle of March, and Giles was planning on hunting for a small token that Xander could wear anywhere and not be hassled about why he had it on. Necklaces were out, the broke to easily, and the girls would pull on it whenever Xander sparred with the others. Bracelets were too feminine for Xander’s build, and most were made for women in mind anyways. Xander was against Tattoos and Piercings, from seeing what they eventually did to a body as it aged, and he claimed that the eye patch was enough body art for him, even though it was necessary.  However, a ring would do.


The only problem that Giles had, now, was to determine what kind of ring would suite Xander best. Slim rings were out, as they would break with all the hands on work that Xander did day in through night. A bulky ring would be horrible for Xander, since it would get caught on everything, and he would refuse to wear it on principle. A simple band would do well for Xander, and Giles had the perfect idea in mind for it. A few days past he had walked past a Jeweler’s and noticed that they had a platinum band made with Celtic knots on display. If he could get that ring for Xander, it would be perfect and allow them to share a smile over the reminder of love that they had.


Giles had to hide his grin as he left the main building of the International Slayers and Watcher’s council, and made his way to the Jeweler’s for the ring he wanted. If they didn’t have it any more, Giles’ still knew what he wanted to give Xander as a promise of his love and devotion. Maybe he could whisk his lover off to England and get married there; since only in two states did they allow gay marriage to be recognized as a legal binding between two members of the same sex.  Seeing the ring he wanted still on display, Giles got it sized to Xander’s hand and quickly left with the ring in the black velvet box. He couldn’t wait to see Xander’s reaction to his ring, and hoped it was as intense as their coupling a few days earlier.


Making his way over to Xander, as he entered the building, Giles had to smile, and could only imagine the response he would get from his lover. The kiss followed by being dragged off to their room was worth the hassle of finding the right token of his love.


The End

Tags: btvs, challenge, fic, g, xander/giles

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