Katrina (katrinatoc) wrote,

Fic - Lucky Brown Coats (Mal/Lindsey, PG, FF/AtS)

Title: Lucky Brown Coats

Pairing: Mal/Lindsey

Rating: PG (mostly for language)

Warnings: Slash-Gen


Summary: In a way he was glad that the Senior Partners got Angel so pissed off that he sent Lindsey away; he liked living on Serenity.


Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS, AtS or Firefly. Joss Whedon does. *pouts at the lack of hot men to ogle*


Notes: This is for inkandchocolate  for the Firefly Challenge on maleslashminis . Also, all translations came from Browncoats.com.



                Lindsey was grateful to Angel for sending him into another realm where there were no Senior Partners or any other form of lawyers around. He was certain that he could have joined the Alliance and made it big there, as it was the same feeling of competition he had with the others in his LA division, but he was tired of the backstabbing, the needless deaths and the politics of sucking up and having no choice but to do as asked.  So, when Angel had sent him off into another dimension, Lindsey was surprised at what he saw.


                He had landed in what looked like a cargo hold. He had hit his head, so he wasn’t sure how long he had been unconscious for until; he heard the sound of a gun cocking. Mentally sighing at his predicament, Lindsey looked up and held his breath at the sight before him. Tight brown pants molded to a well cut body, with brown suspenders going over a well cut blood red shirt. Brown boots and a brown coat accented the shirt and the man’s figure. One gun was trained on him, and Lindsey noticed the holster was easily accessible if he had to draw it quickly.


                “What are you doing on my gorram boat?” A deep husky voice asked, and Lindsey had to still his shiver of desire at the sound of it.


                “Well, I could go on a wild story as to how I got here, but to tell you the truth, I’m not really sure.” He went with his gut reaction to be as truthful as possible, and the man snorted at him.


                “Gorram stowaways, always hiding in my cargo bay,” The man muttered something else in Mandarin, but Lindsey couldn’t catch it.


                “Well, excuse me for the inconvenience of being knocked out and stuffed in here like unwanted luggage.” The sarcasm dripped from Lindsey’s voice. He hated it when people dismissed him simply because he was working on what he knew.


                The man blinked and glared at Lindsey for his lip. He knew he was being unfair, but he always got the stowaways, and Jayne always tried to “buy” them afterwards.


                “Oh, it’s not you that I’m pissed with. I just know that when my crew sees you, one of them is going to try and “buy” or “trade” something for you.” The man smirked at the confused look. “They’ll think that your swai(1), and in need of a keeper.”


                “I am not some, some, jien huo(2)!” He glared up and snarled, “And put your kao(3) gun away, hwoon dahn(4).”


                Putting the gun back in his holster, the man smirked at Lindsey. Crossing his arms he looked down at the man sprawled on the floor of his cargo bay and shifted, enjoying the flashes of lust in the expressive eyes before him.


                “I’m Captain Malcolm Reynolds, and you are on my ship, Serenity. Now, how about you come with me and we’ll make sure that you get a proper welcome, dong ma?”


                Lindsey smirked and stood gracefully from the floor.


                “I thought you’d never ask.”




(1) Swai – cute

(2) Jien huo – cheap floozy

(3) Kao – goddamn

(4) Hwoon Dahn - Jerk


Tags: challenge, fic, mal/lindsey, pg

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