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Fic - Trick or Treats?

Title: Trick or Treats?
Author: Kat/Ryan
Pairings: Ryan/Speed
Warnings: M/M, Graphic Sex
Rating: NC-17 (just to be safe) FRAO
Fandoms: CSI: Miami
Genre: Slash fiction
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI... But I really wish I did...
Thanks to my betas Greg/Sam and Paul/Becca *huggles*
A/N: The bunny bit me after my 200 DTG party…. I had to write and share…
A/N2: No, Tim is not dead... I refuse to kill such a hot body and that he so needs to be alive to fuck Ryan into the mattress...
Summary: Ryan and Speed decide to spice up the Halloween party at the lab and then finish off at home…
Trick or Treats?
                Ryan smiled as he put the finishing touches on his costume. Tim had decided that if they were going to the Halloween Party at the lab this year, they had to wear matching outfits, and Ryan was in the female’s costume. Ryan didn’t mind wearing the tight, skimpy outfit, the makeup, or the long black wig. The short, tight black dress showed off his muscular legs and arms. He had gone all out and shaved everything; even his pubes and pits. Strapping the ‘knives’ to his legs, Ryan slipped into the heels and made his way out to meet Speed at the entry way.
                Speed was dressed in a sharp suit, with his beard shaved off and Ryan knew that he was ‘packing’. The bulge from the gun was barely there, but Ryan knew that it was supposed to be like that. When Tim turned his eyes onto Ryan, the heat in the room had nothing to do with temperature outside. Sashaying forward, Ryan gave a sultry smile and whispered in Tim’s ear.
                “Time to go Mr. Smith, the party awaits.” Giving a sly wink Ryan made his way to the door and into the car.
                Tim had to calm down before making his way to the car. Smirking at Ryan, Tim drove them to the lab in his Mustang and licked his lips at how hot his boyfriend of a year looked. They had gotten together just before Tim was shot at the Jewellers and have been together ever since. Tim had Ryan take his place at the lab, and he was welcomed with open arms, after Tim explained to Eric that Ryan joined because Tim had asked. They had many issues to deal with over the years and now Ryan was a CSI Level 2.
                As they pulled into the parking lot, Ryan and Tim made their way into the lobby and smirked at everyone they met. As they got closer to the team, they saw Alexx dressed as a modern witch, Eric was a bull rider, Calleigh was an assassin, Horatio was dressed as a prince and Natalia was dressed as a Vegas show-girl. Alexx was the first to spot the pair and let out a low whistle and smiled.
                “Ryan, is that you?” Getting a grin in response, Calleigh let out a squeal as she looked over Ryan’s outfit.
                As Calleigh looked over Ryan’s outfit, Speed glared at Eric who was checking out his boyfriend’s ass. Moving over to his boyfriend, Speed smiled at Alexx and she sent her boys a smile as she got Eric to see about dating Horatio.
                Tim smiled as Alexx got Horatio and Eric together and he went back to enjoying his boyfriend. Giving a wink to Calliegh, Tim began to lick and nip at Ryan’s neck, making his boyfriend bite back a moan. Slinking out of Tim’s arms, Ryan gave a mock glare and went to the buffet tables. Seeing the finger shaped éclairs, Ryan smirked and piled a few on his plate.
                Seeing that he had his lover’s attention, Ryan began to slowly eat the éclairs and hid a smirk at the groan that his lover gave at the sight. As he slowly ate the éclair, Ryan made his way over to Calleigh and Alexx, talking to them about different styles of shoes.
                As the night went on, Ryan teased Tim with occasional kisses and by eating the éclairs that Horatio had brought in. As they were leaving Ryan gave Tim a heated kiss that got cat calls and wolf whistles from the lab, and walked out with a sway in his step. Growling at his flirty boyfriend, Tim made his way to the car and promised Ryan with his eyes that he would be pushed to the limits tonight.
                The drive home was filled with sexual tension and upon entering the house, Ryan was pounced on. The wig was torn from his head and his mouth was pulled into a desperate kiss. Groaning in pleasured bliss, Ryan let Tim do as he wished and was soon lifted up into strong arms. Letting out a surprised squeak, Ryan was carried to the bedroom where Tim set him on the bed and stripped him. Seeing the smooth skin before him, Tim stripped quickly and covered Ryan’s body with his own.
                Ryan let out a silent scream at the stronger sensations of a smooth body compared to that of his hairy one. He could feel more of Tim and surrendered completely to his lover.
                As Tim played Ryan’s body, the noises that he made fuelled Tim’s desire to claim his flirty boyfriend. Stretching and slicking the pliant body beneath him, Tim slowly slid into the warm, velvet heat and sighed. Ryan arched and mewled into the thrust and wrapped his long, smooth legs around Tim and urged his lover to make love to him, hard and fast.
                Smirking down at Ryan’s flushed face; Tim gave a sweet kiss and slowly made love to him. Ryan sobbed at the sensations and love that he felt from Tim. Each slide into his body made Ryan open up more and more until he was keening and wailing to the Gods above as Tim made love to his body, heart and soul.
                They made love slowly for hours, as they had the next day off, and as Tim began to lose his control, Ryan clenched his muscles around Tim and begged him to pound into him. His control snapping, Tim ploughed into Ryan and began fisting his erection in time with his thrusts. Ryan arched into the touch and was unable to keep up; let go of his own control and came all over them after five rough strokes. Tim tried to ride out the contractions around his cock, but the velvet heat and spasms milked him, causing him to bathe Ryan’s channel with hot cum.
                Tim slowly fell onto his lover and both gasped for breath as they came down from their orgasmic high. Giving Ryan a soft kiss, Tim went to the bathroom for a warm wash cloth to clean himself and his lover.
                Wiping them both down, Tim tossed the cloth to the hamper and curled up with his lover. Wrapping around Ryan beneath the covers, Tim missed the smirk that Ryan had at how well he could get Tim to fuck him like he wanted.
                Cuddling back into the warmth of his lover, Ryan smiled at how they would get to keep doing this tomorrow morning as well.
The end
Tags: csi: miami, fic, ryan/speed, slash

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