Katrina (katrinatoc) wrote,

Take a few Guesses....

The rules:
a. Post a list of 15 TV shows you love (current or cancelled)
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each show
c. When guessed bold the line and write a little bit about why you like that character
d. Post in your own livejournal

1. CSI - Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders - Both are lvoing and opposites. Nick is hte down to earth, dependable guy and Greg is the bouncy little brother who you wish wasn't family so you could date him... Gods they're soo hot....
2. CSI: Miami - Ryan Wolfe - Why Ryan.. he's sweet, bashful and keeps fighting even when the odds are against him... besides.. he's good eye candy ;)
3. NCIS - Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo - Such a troubled soul and still can make people smile... He's just one of those people I want to cuddle after a long days of work... the sex would be awesome too!
4. CSI:NY - Danny Messer - Danny is sarcastic, smart, funny and has the most beautiful blue eyes ever....
5. Star trek: Voyager - Tom Paris - He was the perfect person on that show. Has a troubled past, tries to help out and do the right thing, but still gets knocked down for it. It takes a while for him to trust the crew... but once he does... damn he has a beutiful soul and smile... :D
6. Dark Angel - Logan - *grins* He's just what this world needs... someone to take the blinds off of your eyes... and such beautiful eyes...
7. Ally McBeal - Ally McBeal - Such a fun loving lawyer and still in love with her ex.... *giggles* seem familiar here? She might not be perfect... but she reminds me of the everyday woman trying to find her way... *grins* GO ALLY!
8. Stargate SG-1 - Daniel Jackson - *drools* can you say smart, sexy, hot... these all fit him... gods such combo is awesome.. but he's still a bit naive... *grins* it's what makes him that much more yummy....
9. Dr. Who - Tenth Dr. - So hot.. and he liked to lick things... he could lick me anytime...
10. Star Trek: The Next Generation
11. Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid/Morgan - Like Daniel and charlie.... same three words for Spencer.... *eyes gleam* I wanna see them together....Morgan is like the cocky guy that can kick everyones ass.. but still needs some TLC... *grins* Spence can give that to him.. ya?
12. Numb3rs - Charile Epps - Like Daniel... smart, sexy and hot.... damn... gotta love guys with brains.... *drools*
13. Due South - Benton Fraser/Stanley Ramond "Ray" Kowalski - Damn they make a good pair. The HOT Canuck and the SEXY Pol.... *drools* ALways loved then as they proved that Ray K was the better Vecchio...*looks at Deif* sorry pup... but they rock!
14. Supernatural - Dean Winchester - Cocky yet protective, a smartass yet kind... he's a valley of contraditions that I love.... and You gotta love Dean/Sam porn.... *winks*
15. House, MD - Greg House - come on.. the snark in itself is perfect.... *Sighs* can't you see him and Speed having a snark fest?
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