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Title: And Another Makes Three

Author: Kat/Ryan

Pairings: Speed/Horatio/Ryan

Warnings: M/M/M, Sex (*gasp*), Spoilers for Nailed, First time (\0/), Threesome (no shit)

Rating: NC-17 (just to be safe) FRAO

Fandoms: CSI: Miami

Genre: Slash fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami... But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*

Thanks to my Beta Willow/Laura and Becca/Paul...

A/N: Prompt from
- Timothy Speedle/Horatio Caine/Ryan Wolfe - Another Makes Three (slash)

Summary: Speed is alive and well. Now that he has gotten to know Ryan, he tries to get H to take him into bed. The opportunity arises after Ryan got shot with a nail gun.


And Another Makes Three


            Ryan walked into his condo with the doctor’s prescription in hand and sighed. Today really hadn’t been his day. Eric had flounced off a case, causing Ryan to have pulled a quadruple and get shot in the eye with a nail gun. He wondered why he did this every day when he only got respect from Alexx, Horatio and Tim.


            While Tim didn’t die from the shooting, he couldn’t go back into the field due to nerve failure in his arm. Ryan was glad that the Trace expert didn’t die, but he did wish that the rest of the lab didn’t try to compare him to the man. With a sigh, the young man went to bed in a troubled sleep.


            Speed and Horatio walked in together the next day and saw Ryan hunched over a microscope. While he should be at home resting, Tim motioned to H that he would start the first phase of their plan. Both had talked at lengths to include the young Patrol officer turned CSI into their bed and lives, but they never reached an agreement on when. After seeing Ryan getting hit in the eye with a nail from a nail gun, H agreed to Speed’s proposal and let the trace expert cast the bait.


            “Hey Ryan, shouldn’t you be home today? You did get called in on your day off and you got injured.” The look he of disgust he got made Tim smirk. “Yeah, I understand. No big deal, but H said you stay in the lab today with me for more training.”


            Ryan gave a small smile and a nod and showed Tim the items under the scope. While they worked throughout the day, Tim flirted with Ryan. Shock was the first reaction, followed by shy flirting in response. Ryan blushed hotly when H came in and played along, but he didn’t back down and kept on playing as well. Before they clocked out for the day, Ryan was invited over to Tim and H’s place for a meal, and a chance to understand what was going on. Nodding shyly, Ryan promised to be there for seven.


            Ryan was nervous when he arrived at Horatio’s condo. Standing at the front door with a bottle of wine, Ryan screwed up his courage and knocked on the door. The few seconds before the door opened, Ryan seriously contemplated running to his car and hiding at home. However, upon seeing Horatio in a pair of blue jeans and a T-Shirt, Ryan followed the man in a haze of lust and awe.


            Speed was in the kitchen and Ryan was surprised to see the scruffy man cooking. Horatio’s chuckle made him blush and he handed over the bottle of wine. After being given some of the wine, he and Horatio left the grumpy Irishman to his kitchen while they spoke in the living room.


            As Ryan and Horatio spoke, a light pink blush began to form on Ryan’s cheeks. Smirking inwardly, Horatio slowly moved closer to the younger man, and was pleased at the sight of glazed eyes and a darker hue of pink. Tim, the knowing bastard that he was, entered the room to give Ryan the excuse he needed to flee into another room after stating that dinner was ready.


            As the trio ate, Tim and Horatio made sure that the blush never fell off of Ryan’s face. However, neither was prepared for him to fight back using his food as a weapon. As dinner ended, Tim and Ryan went to the living room as Horatio put the dishes in the dishwasher. When he returned to the living room, the sight made him pause. Ryan was pinned to the wall and being owned by Tim’s talented tongue.


            Smirking at the sight, Horatio stripped out of his shirt and watched until he could swoop in and taste that mouth for himself. As Ryan gasped for air, Horatio dove in and motioned for Speed to lead the way to the bedroom. Ryan was so distracted by the kiss; he only realized that they had moved when his knees hit the bed. His body tensed up and all three men froze.


            “I-I’ve ne-never d-done this b-before...” He bit his lip and ducked his head in embarrassment.


            Once the confession dawned in Horatio’s and Tim’s minds, both were able to calm the younger man down. After explaining the basics of man on man sex, Ryan had relaxed enough to keep on going. He was a bit confused, but rolled with the punches as he was kissed, licked, nipped, and sucked on by both men. He never noticed that the clothes became piles on the floor and as he fell onto the bed, his world was reduced to the pleasure he was getting from H and Speed.


            Speed stretched Ryan out for his cock, since Horatio was a bit bigger than he was; he made sure to keep the prostate stimulation frequent. As the young man writhed on the bed, Horatio kept attacking the nipples and mouth. When Speed slid into the tight warmth, Ryan had tossed his head back in absolute bliss. While there was a slight burn, it was drowned out by the pleasure that Horatio and Tim were invoking in him.


            As Speed moved faster into the pliant body, he stilled to allow Horatio to enter him from behind. The three men slowly got a rhythm going and Ryan couldn’t take it anymore. Cumming hard, Ryan set off the chain reaction making Tim cum, then Horatio. Both men fell to the side and Ryan panted, trying to catch his breath. He would have moved but decided on staying after he began to fall into a dozing sleep.


            Both men clean up and then curl around Ryan; he wasn’t going to be leaving them any time soon now that they had tasted him. Both smiled as they thought ‘and another makes three.’


The End


*grins* hoped you liked it my friend!



Tags: fic, slash, threesome

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