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Fic - Please, Let Me In

Title: Please, Let Me In

Author: Kat/Ryan

Pairings: past Ryan/Speed, Ryan/Eric

Warnings: M/M, Sex

Rating: NC-17 (just to be safe) FRAO

Fandoms: CSI: Miami

Genre: Slash fiction

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from CSI: Miami... But I really wish I did... then they’d perform for us all.... *drools*


Thanks to my Beta Willow/Laura and Becca/Paul...


A/N: Here is the sequel to “Can I Trust You?” I hope that this is what you wanted Paul!


Summary: It has been a year since Ryan had tried to kill himself. He and Eric are now dating. How does Ryan ask for the connection that he and Eric so desperately crave?


Please, Let Me In


            Ryan was nervous. Today was the anniversary of his attempted suicide, and Ryan couldn’t help but smile as arms wrapped around him. Just over a month ago, he and Eric had begun dating, and Ryan wanted the physical closeness that came with loving someone.


            While he would always love Speed, he had been his only other lover. Also, Speed was the one that seduced Ryan into bed. Ryan would have asked Mama Delko, but that would be too awkward so he decided to go with what he knew about Eric.


            Eric loved it when he would ask for things, and open up to him, but how could he do this without sounding as if he was turning Eric into the replacement for Speed. Biting his lips Ryan decided to simply ask Eric to claim him.


            Ryan was nervous as the shift came down to a close and he met up with Eric at the parking lot. Smiling at his Cuban love, Ryan felt a blush rising on his face, and he ducked his head in embarrassment. Seeing his love’s reaction, Eric smiled and got into the car. As they were driving home, Ryan began to fidget and mutter as Eric drove.


            Holding his tongue, Eric waited until they were home to ask Ryan what was bothering him. Upon entering the house after a tense ride, Ryan sprinted inside and began to fidget around the living room. Upon seeing that Eric locked the door, Ryan looked at Eric with nervous anticipation.


            “Eric,” his voice was hesitant but strong, “Please make love to me.”


            Eric stilled and a sweet smile bloomed on his face. Walking over to Ryan he kissed his soon to be lover and murmured that they should go to the bedroom. Eric knew that Ryan had probably only been with Speed, and was glad that Ryan was relatively untouched. While he wasn’t proud of having been the male version of a slut, Eric knew he could please Ryan with what he knew.


            As the pair made their way to the bedroom, Eric couldn’t help but admire Ryan for his courage. While Eric knew he would wait for Ryan to come to him, he was glad that the young man was willing to trust him so soon into their relationship. Upon entering the room, Eric asked if this is what Ryan wanted, and was relieved when he got a shy yes in return.


            Eric slowly stripped Ryan of his clothing and kissed the skin that became exposed. The whimpers and moans that came from Ryan’s throat was music to his ears and he made sure that every inch of Ryan’s body was loved.


            Ryan thrashed and whimpered as Eric found his hot spots. The Cuban knew how to tease and please with his mouth, fingers and tongue. Ryan was floundering for something to hold as Eric pushed him further along into the abyss of pleasure. A scream was ripped from his throat as his cock was taken into a warm wet mouth, deserting all rational thought.


            Eric smiled at the wanton picture that Ryan represented. His tanned skin was covered with sheen of sweat and Eric was tempted to simply dive in and fuck the man. However, he kept a steady rhythm and was soon slowly stretching him out for the final act.


            Sinking into the tight heat, Eric and Ryan gasped at the sensation of filling and being filled. Panting and stilling once fully inside Ryan, Eric panted, gasping for breath. As Eric held fast, Ryan was humbled by the care that Eric was bestowing on him. The fact that the man actually cared forced Ryan to hold back tears. Leaning up to kiss Eric, Ryan motioned that he was ready for some loving.


            As Eric drove Ryan to the boundaries of pleasure, both men did what they could to prolong the experience. However, after awhile, the need for release came to be stronger and Eric strove to have Ryan cum before he did. Three twists of the wrist, Ryan was cumming hard and sending Eric over the edge with him.


            Doing what he could as to not fall onto his new lover, Eric kissed Ryan delicately, and knowing that it was what was needed to be done. Ryan moaned into the kiss and as Eric left the tight body, Ryan let out a soft whimper of loss.


            Pulling out and discarding the condom, Eric left to get a wash cloth and cuddled with Ryan. Seeing the blissful smile on his lover’s lips Eric whispered that he would never voluntarily leave Ryan alone. Ryan curled into Eric and let his tears fall, mentioning that Tim had said the same thing once, but cut off Eric’s response with a kiss and a small smile.


            As they lay there, both were glad that they finally found a way to heal and come together. Just that neither knew that Mama Delko had plotted it all.


The End


Hope you enjoyed it Paul!



Tags: csi: miami, fic, ryan/eric, slash

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