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Demon's Den

Where the world wishes to end but can't


I'm not your average chicka. I'm more of a tomboy. If you can get me to wear a skirt or a dress for anything other than clubbing, going out to a fancy restaurant, or to formal party, then you're lucky.

So, I'm now free and doing the job I love... Hotel industry. Something from my High School Days and all... but it is something I enjoy and plan on staying in for a long while. School, is thankfully done, and I will never have to worry about it again until I choose to. That's always a good thing..... :D

I'm a quiet person if I don't know ya, but once I do..... well.... I just bounce off the walls. ~~~~ Mmmm coffee......

*grins* As you can see... I have two prompt lists.....

*smiles sweetly* please click on the pairing to see the tables and to bet the fics...



Ryan Wolfe/Don Flack


Don Flack

Don Flack
Four Challenges Zero Completed 5/57 Completed

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